I commend ACTAEA RACEMOSA in headache resulting from loss of sleep or mental strain and worry.
Dr. Hale

  • Sapna Jagasia

    What do you suggest for uterine fibroid Kaukab Zai

  • Kaukab Zai

    It varies from patient to patient ..but there r some common remedies that can b used like Allium sativa ,feltauri,cholestrenum etc and for hi BP belladonna ,strophanthus,cretegus etc etc

  • Jennifer Stone

    What do you recommend for high cholesterol high blood pressure please answer

  • Anjum Hanif

    Its cimicifuga oh my god

  • Susann Laverie

    Aggravations on the right side of neck and right shoulder. Also

  • Helen Foster

    Will have a look into this xxx

  • DrRamesh Shah

    Refer Boerick’s Materia Medica.

  • Anju Khare

    Pl tell C S of any side means right or left.pl tell me

  • Anju Khare

    Is it effective in headache due to acidity

  • DrRamesh Shah

    Consult a qualified experienced Homeopath.

  • Imran Ali

    Is this work for insomnia anxiety patient since 6yrs .what are the key indication

  • DrRamesh Shah

    Actea racemosa (Cimicifuga) can be very effective for Cervical Spondylosis if the characteristics of this medicine match with that if the patient.

  • Marie McLoughlin

    AKA Cimicifuga :3