Witch Hazel,
Dr. Allen H.C. Keynotes and Characteristics Materia Medica
This shrub flowers from September to November.
Adapted to venous hemorrhage from every orifice of the
body Nose, lungs, bowels, uterus, bladder.
Venous congestion; passive, of skin and mucous membranes
phlebitis, varicose veins, ulcers, varicose, with stinging,
pricking pain, hemorrhoids. Patients with sensibility to
cold from exposure to cold weather, or warm moist air.
“Hamamelis is the Aconite of the venous capillary system”
For injuries or wounds, incised, lacerated, contused, with
pain, removes pain and soreness like Arnica. and for
chronic effects of mechanical injuries with hemorrhage where
arnica cannot be applied.
Traumatic conjunctivitis, suggillations or extravasations into
chambers of the eye, from sever coughing, intense soreness
Nosebleed profuse, long-lasting, non coagulate, bettered
by headache, idiopathic, traumatic vicarious of childhood.
Hemorrhage: profuse, dark, grumous, from ulceration of
bowels, uterine, active or passive, after a fall or rough
riding, vicarious menstruation. no mental anxiety.
Hemoptysis tickling cough with taste of blood or sulphur,
venous, without effort or coughing, sometimes monthly,
for years.
hemorrhoids bleeds profusely, profuse discharge with
burning and soreness, fullness, heaviness, as if back
would break, urging to stool, bluish color, anus feels sore
and raw. Menses: flow dark and profuse, with soreness
in abdomen, after a blow on ovary, or a fall worse at
menstrual period. Ham. for bad effects of loss of blood.
Complementary: Ferrum, in hemorrhages
Compare: Arn, Calend, for traumatic and to hasten
absorption of intraocular hemorrhage.
Pseudo psoric in its action, a prominent remedy for venous
plethora, venous stagnation, clogging of the portal and great
venous centers. Taste metallic or brassy.
in Leucorrhea very profuse with relaxation of the vaginal
walls, with debility and lassitude. bruised feeling of abdomen.
Veins full, enlarged, and sore to touch (Chatterji A.N. Essential
pointers to homeopathic drugs)
Chauhan R.K. Expressive drug picture: for Pain in groin
after delivery. Uterine hemorrhage shining red without
coagulation, itching and burning in vulva. Kidney hemorrhage
urine is reddish with burning heat in urethra. Scrotum
inflammatory and filled with water, swollen and burning.
Veins of scrotum becomes knotty. Severe pain in spermatic
cord running into testicles.

Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill.




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