Hahnemann’s letter to Korsakoff


Korsakoff we know stood very high in Hahnemann’s esteem. The following letter from Hahnemann, found among his papers, seems to show that besides being the actual author of the high-potency mania, he gave Hahnemann the hint for administering remedies by olfaction which at one time was in great favour with the master.

‘ I admire the zeal with which you devote yourself to the beneficent homoeopathic art, not only in order to give your aid to your own family and to your neighbours, but also in order to penetrate into the secrets of nature, which your valuable notes show you are doing.

I am pleased with the happy idea, contained in one of those given to my nephew, to fix on the suitable medicine by olfaction. I have seen a corroboration of this. With all my powers I seek to discover above all what will benefit my neighbour and do good to mankind. I consider this to be the best thing that a mortal to do in this short life and believe that you think so too.

Continue the activity that is gratifying to the sensitive heart, and I beg you to think well of yours truly,

S. Hahnemann.




  1. it is incredulous that people ignore some in Big Pharma that vigorously oppose HomeoPathic Medicine and Practices-Performances – follow the money


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