The small number of homeopathic symptoms present in the best selected medicine is no obstacle to the cure in cases where these few medicinal symptoms are chiefly of an uncommon kind and such as are peculiarly distinctive (characteristic) of the disease; the cure takes place under such circumstances without any particular disturbance.

Organon #164

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  • Nittur Guruprasad

    Peculiar. It is very important to understand and application

  • mythila

    What about peculiar characteristics that have nothing to do with a disease? Will they be helpful in any way to a doctor in deciding upon the medication? For example, bitter tasting things make me sneeze initially, sometimes as many as five to six sneezes. Bittergourd, peppermint sweets and certain beers do this, though I love these things and continue to have them. Wine, however, though not bitter, makes me sneeze throughout, so I cannot drink it. Is this something that is significant enough to be mentioned to a doctor when they are prescribing for an unrelated condition?

  • Frank Plunkett

    Strange, Rare & Peculiar.