Guaiacum officinale


Characteristic peculiarities of Guaiacum

  • The majority of the pains come on at night and in a sitting posture, or on rising from a seat ; they are relieved by contact.
  • The symptoms are worse after a meal and in the afternoon.
  • Drsujit Gunjal

    Pain in neck an shoulders….very nice results

  • Mona Mansour

    I used it once for sciatica it was magical !!!!
    Characteriseb by numbness , better squating worde walking

  • Manoj Oza

    आयुर्वेद की तरह होमियो पैथी का हिंदी में होतो हिंदी भासी भी लाभ लेसकेगे

  • Manoj Oza

    होमियो पैथी का हिंदी में कोई साइट हे