Share with us your experiences with GRAPHITES.

What conditions did you use it in and what was the similimum.




  1. I used for eczema with sticky discharge, burn fat with constipated person, anal fistula

  2. I gave it once to a chubby male friend who had chronic white spots scattered all over his back. After a month we met again and i was surprised to see him lose so much weight and even asked him if he has a current serious illness.
    He told me he has lost so much appetite since the day i gave him Graphites 30C…

  3. Yo uso Graph, en casos de obesidad, coprostacia, erupciones, costrosas amarilloparduzcas, problemas en la cornificacion de las uñas, acompañados de inquietud, ansiedad…. Es un gran remedio!!!!!!

  4. Good skin thick erupted with honey like discharge itching aggravated in cold season. Constitutional obessity hard stools. Nails hard cracked. Even some psoriatic suffering . Cracks if heels. Palmsetc. I got all good results.

  5. Cuts of anus due to drynes& costipation.wet grecy exema…always work very good….☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  6. I used graphite for obesity with constipation and in skin ereption with copious discharge

  7. well I used graphite for leucorrhea, costipation and for high B.P but when I used it severe itching of skin on my sister give result but not good after used it still she suffer from itching of whole body because in water pool there was a chemical in it thats why we have to take her allopathic he give soap and some powder to mix in water then wash body now she is fine. I think i should used apis 1M not sure.

  8. Severely itching skin eruptions, which bleed upon scratching, accompanied by gouty pains, sounds in ears, swelling of feet etc….generally in old people.


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