Borland D.M. Children Types III SKINS, this group headed
by Graphites are children who have, skin eruptions.
there are many other drugs that have skin eruptions for
instance Carbo Veg. children have a very obstinate eczema
of the scalp, Cal c have eczema of the scalp also, Caust. child
has a lot of skin eruptions, or Sepia + but the Graphites group
is the one to think of when a child has a definite skin
history. There is a tendency when treating children with
an irritant skin to give Sulphur, but some times will harm.
So I am chary of staring with Sulph.
Graphite child is fat and heavy, usually pale, always chilly,
and nearly always constipated.(obstinate constipation in a
small child the abdomen is enlarged, so constant that not
stress it)
The Graphite child is timid, miserable, lack of assurance,
they hesitate over what they will reply, they tend to look
hopeless side of thing, they dread going to new school and
they are always looking for trouble.
They have unstable circulation, under stress they flush up.
under stress they are excited, flushing up troublesome
tendency to epistaxis not very profuse, and that is the
diagnostic point.
The difference between Graphite child and Calcarea is
that instead of the sweaty Calc skin they have a harsh dry
skin which tends to crack worse on exposure to cold.
if they play water in cold weather they come in with their
hands chapped and bleeding.
Graphites skin eruptions are craked, craked fingers, tend
to bleed, also ooze a sticky thick yellow serous discharge.
and arises in any fold, ear, canthus of the eye, angles
of mouth, the groinds, bends of elbows, round of wrists,
and particularly anus with deep painful fissures oozing.
Children suffering from asthma who have a history of skin
troubles are not helped by Graphites, these cases of
suppressed skin troubles are extremely difficult and Graph.
will fail. But Psorinum, Ant C, Nat m, sulph, thuja has
helped and with no other lead it would be wise to
start with Thuja.
Other typical symptom purulent nasal dischar, a chronic
otitis with a perforation of the drum, yellow scoriating
discharge with irritating eczema of external ear.
With this comes hypertrophy of the tonsils, difficulty in
swallowing, chronic blepharitis, lids completely stuck in
the morning with gluey, dried discharge adheres to edges.
Abdominal cramps, relieved by hot milk to drink.
Stools with mucus-stringy, adherent mucus.
A typical adolescents they are flabby, fat, soft and instead
of cracks behind the ear or mouth, they have acute acne
and one of the questions is if they eat many sweets,
and the reply should be they they cannot stand sweets,
aversion to sweets, but have big appetites, upset if without
of food, These kids have a DISLIKE of fish, definite.
But where there is chronic otitis, chronic dischar with an
old perforation, possibly with eczema of external ear,
also consider CAPSICUM. for Monday Capsicum Child.
for ILH Beatriz Hernández Hill, Beatriz H Hill,




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