Gordana Jujic

My interest in homeopathy started strange, as everything else about homeopathy in my case.

In 1996 I attended one of lectures regarding some honey products. Actually, at that time I was trying to find a solution to the problems with asthma, from which my son suffered since his birth. The Lecturer – the man who was just the seller of those products, told something about the problems of his daughter. She suffered of psoriasis and he said that she is on homeopathic treatment. I suffered of psoriasis more than twenty years. At that time almost no one in Serbia had even heard about homeopathy. I tried to remember: whence looked familiar this word? Homeopathy… I came home and found the source and explanation, but nothing more than: alternative medicine.

In 1998, again in very strange way, I met with a man who dealt with homeopathic healing – on a distant and high mountain. Everything at that time was strange, magically and a bit frightening, but I decided to trust him. It was my first encounter with homeopathy.

In the period between 1998 and 2009, many things have happened in my life, and many of these changes were caused by the influence of homeopathic treatment: I wrote my first novel, although I thought that I would never dare to even try; my son has stopped getting asthma attacks; I got rid of
the panic; I stopped taking my children to the doctor for any acute condition; I started to treat them in acute and urgent conditions; psoriasis was gone from my skin. I noticed one more change: I began to bother people around, constantly talking about homeopathy and wonders related to my

I started to study this science very seriously. I was looking for and finding tirelessly any literature (which at that time did not exist in Serbia), I learned the English language so I could read, I struggled to understand the basics and principles of homeopathy. I also did not notice that I have already helped some other people and I was doing it pretty well.

About all of that I decided to write the book, and it was published in 2009: „Homeopathy – Family experiences“ („Homeopatija – Porodična iskustva“, for now available only in Serbian, but translation is in progress). I was satisfied and I thought: that is it – enough from me. Homeopathy is certainly one of my hobbies, my little passion, except writing. As for writing, I fulfilled my desire, and I will continue to study homeopathy, a little bit – only for my soul and for the benefit of my family and relatives.

At that time I made a big decision: I will never be a professional homeopath!
“We plan, God laughs.”

In 2010 I enrolled at the school of homeopathy here in Serbia and thus I began my formal education, with twelve years of study and some experience. In 2011th I started to looking for a different way of education. I contacted Joy Lucas and I have become a student of one of the greatest teachers of homeopathy today. In the meanwhile I contacted David Little and he gave me permission and instructions for translating his lectures. So I continued to be self-taught, but under the supervision of the great teachers. Since then, I hadn’t stopped with translating and publishing of articles, lectures, books, from English to Serbian and everything was published on my website, available for downloading in pdf format.
In May this year, I completed a postgraduate course at “Contemporary College of Homeopathy” – Bristol, with Mike Bridger.

I am humbly grateful to all the teachers and masters of homeopathy, both those of the past as well as these in the present, but I think that the biggest influence on me as a homeopath was made by Dr. Edward Christopher Whitmont.

I would like that homeopathy finally gets confirmation which it deserves, after 250 years of existence and proving. I would very much like to see that all existing healing methods begin to work together, to unite with the single overarching aim: to serve the people, to heal.

For me, for now, the biggest goal is to achieve at least that homeopathy in Serbia and the Balkans more generally, to be more widely accepted. Homeopathy here is still in a very bad position. In this field there is a progress, but most people are not familiar with the possibilities of homeopathic treatment. Therefore homeopaths in Serbia and other countries of former Yugoslavia have big problems but also a big mission. We started negotiations on the establishment of a Balkan homeopathic associations, which would unify all the existing associations.

To this end, I am currently working on the launch of the first homeopathic online journal in Serbian and related languages. I hope that I will manage, for now with the help of only two colleagues, the first issue to be published in early September.

This is the first announcement of the news about this project and also the first public invitation to all homeopaths of Balkan countries to join the work that is in the common interest. Also, this is a call to all homeopaths around the world to support us in our efforts to make a breakthrough of
homeopathy in this area.




  1. Congrats. ..I wish homeopathy some day will become the main way of treatment for all the people in all the countries. …!!!

  2. If we use mixture of homeopathic medicines is there any side effects ? Pls answer na

  3. Homeopathic treatment is not considered appropriate for illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, major infections, or emergencies.

  4. What is homeopathy used for?
    Historically, people have used homeopathy to maintain health and treat a wide range of long-term illnesses, such as allergies, atopic dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome. They have also used it to treat minor injuries, such as cuts and scrapes and muscle strains or sprains. Homeopathic treatment is not considered appropriate for illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, major infections, or emergencies.
    Homeopathy has been widely used in India, England, and other European countries.
    Is homeopathy safe?
    Homeopathic remedies have been regulated in the United States since 1938 and are considered to be safe.
    Some critics of homeopathy believe that there is so little active substance in a solution that any benefits from treatment are likely not because of the substance but because you are thinking it is effective (placebo effect).
    It is important to tell your medical doctor if you decide to use homeopathic remedies. He or she should have full knowledge of your health to help you make wise decisions about where to purchase homeopathic dilutions and what homeopathic practitioner to see. Homeopathic remedies should not replace conventional treatments for serious health concerns.
    You can buy some homeopathic medicines at health food stores without a doctor’s prescription. But preparations from different suppliers and practitioners may vary.
    Always tell your doctor if you are using an alternative therapy or if you are thinking about combining an alternative therapy with your conventional medical treatment. It may not be safe to forgo your conventional medical treatment and rely only on an alternative therapy.

  5. I myself experienced good results of homoeo medicines since 1992. Although my daughter is an MBBS but she also prefer my prescription

  6. Be blessed by the Divine power,Homeopathy is divine ,me nd my family r onli on this since 15 yrs.this is the best .

  7. Heartiest congrats Gordana. May God give you all the success in this field. Homeopathy is best

  8. Nice work we are getting delighted that those who donot want to know Are either prejudiced or have no real value for divine power


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