GLINICUM wipes out half the cases of SCIATICA that pass my way.
Dr. Burnett.

  • SylviaHicks

    Perhaps Glonoine?  That is a remedy for sciatica.

  • Nadella Thirumala Rao

    Medorrhinum work good inter current remedy,in gout also followed by strong constitution all remedy

  • Vanessa Schäffeler

    My own left-sided sciatica went after a dose of medorrhinum…tried other remedies before but this worked like magic!!

  • uma

    i have sevper hair loss and i am 45 year old women,  i have hypothyrodism also.   can u suggest any homeopathy medicine to stop my hairfall

  • Ismar Pereira Filho

    What remedy is this that can’t be found anywhere? This kind of thing should never happen!

  • Ahtsham Ul Haq Malik

    I think He want to say about Gnaphyllum.

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    Glinicum – never heard of it. Is it Medorrhinum?. Or is it Gnaphyllum. I have good results with this for sciatica. Never tried Medorehinum for sciatica, but have good results for Hip joint pain

  • Felipe Cárdenas

    One of the most important nosodes.

  • Kunjal Upadhyay

    Medorrhinum for sciatica I have never used but checked out in clarke materia medica…it has these symptoms esply at thunderstorm and left side mostly…thanks for sharing. In my concept sciatica, hving syphilitic miasm is not coververd by remedy which is predominantly antisycotic..
    Now I get to know how much it is important to go through Source books and going tru proving symptoms

  • Pooja Oswal

    Never heard of this remedy..there seems to be some mistake

  • Hannah Jones

    I’ve been fine since my adjustment 😉

  • Cheryl Rogers

    Linda Randall this just popped up. Wonder if it would help you. I would have to order it

  • HomeoReikiDogs

    ilovehomeopathy That’s wrong … it should be Guaicum not Glinicum.

  • Jackie-Ben Bahun

    Hannah Jones, another one! 🙂