Gastric Carcinoma

gastric carcinoma


Nothing equals KREOSOTUM for the vomiting in Gastric Carcinoma.
Dr. Kent.




  1. To Janet Hull, homeooathy is so specific and individual it wouldn’t be possible to give advice like that over a forum like this. If she is able to, it maybe worth her while trying cannabis oil.

  2. Susann LaverieEveryone including Drs have treated this woman in a terrible way .luckily it was my question not hers one more snotty less than helpful person she does not have to endure. I saw no answer here and was looking for some direction to give her. Not a judgement. How unkind and unhelpful. I am sure I will not expect kindness from the homeopathic community. I do hope your superior knowledge and attitude make you happy

  3. when you have serious, life-threatening disease of this proportion, go to a homeopath not to facebook.

  4. I wonder if anyone knows if this is the remedy for creosote poisoning I know it is more involved . I know of a family debilitated by living in a cabin built from creosote soaked logs no access to homeopath. Mom has been given six months. She has everything wrong all auto immune diagnosis ms. Thyroid nodes all kids have autos in. They are barely hanging on any advice would be appreciated. Janet Hull


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