Ever since you were a child you’ve probably been conditioned to think that gaming is bad, it’s something that provides a barrier to you being productive. Why spend two hours on a computer game when you could spend two hours doing something productive? Well what if gaming was actually productive? If it helped your mental well-being, concentration and memory? Well new research suggests that this is actually the case.


With a number of high-profiled cases of celebrities suffering with mental health issues, awareness has been raised substantially in recent years. We now know that we need to look after our own mental health and there are several ways to do that. Talking to people, exercise, meditation but now also games. Here we look at some of the games you can play to improve your mental health as well as your concentration and memory.

Source: Healthy Minds Canada


Uncharted: PlayStation

Uncharted is a series of games available on PlayStation which has been referred to as the best video game series of a generation.You become the main protagonist, Nathan Drake and lead the story in a stunning visual setting.

Not only does it completely transport you into the game world, but several of the challenges in the game require you to use your brain. Rather than just shooting, running and jumping (although there is some of that) you’re required to utilize your analytical skills, your memory and your concentration.

This is great game to empty your mind and take you away from the stresses of everyday life, but it also helps to improve your cognitive abilities too. Bonus!

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The world’s most famous card game can act as a terrific escape from work stress or personal woe. It requires your complete and utter concentration at all times, completely taking your mind off of anything else.

It’ll sharpen your concentration and your analytical skills too as you’ll have to rely on these heavily to be successful! It’s also very easy to access now as well, there’s no need to go to a casino, you can simply play online. For the busy person on the move, poker is perfect.


Having said that, if you’re unsure of the rules or haven’t played before, make sure you learn how to before you play your first hand.

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It’s not just a game to play when you’re bored and on a long commute, it’s a great game to play for your mind. Effectively it’s the equivalent of a crossword, with numbers instead of words.

Solving these puzzles helps to focus the mind, almost into a meditative state which is great for your mental health. Instead of having a million and one thoughts, worries and anxieties running around your mind you can focus on something different.


There’s also varying degrees of difficulty so you don’t need to be an expert or Pythagoras to play. Regularly solving Sudoku puzzles will improve your cognitive abilities and help with your memory formation.

What’s best of all is that Sudoku is usually free. You can find hundreds of puzzles online at As with poker though, make sure you learn how to play first because that’s the best way to get the most benefits from it.