To prevent the formation of the Gallstone, by equalizing the alkalinity in the system.


  • Mayur Rathod

    is there any slipping pills in homeopathy? plz. suggest

  • Jawaid Mallick

    calc phos prevent to form Gallstone What about when formed Gallstone

  • Barbara Marquardt

    What would prevent kidney stones?

  • Paula Moss

    Any chance that they can help with kidney stones?

  • Madeleine Fourie Pretorius

    Can you perhaps put a guide line on for us so we can know what to use for what and combinations to use aswell please

  • Anupam Patra

    treat the present not the desess

  • Ravil Abdrafikov

    I like Calc carb and Lyc

  • Ness Puma

    If you don’t drink enough water,try this ,it will help .

  • Umesh Kumar

    Preventive in excess menstrual bleeding

  • Ra Ansari

    New information thanks

  • Angie Moreno

    How to use it please share!

  • PatriciaAmundsen

    Is there a cure if I already have gallstones?

  • Niveen Torky

    yes for me, because i am getting it too 🙁 , thanks it is

  • May AbdelRazik

    Yes I guess, but thought it was useful anyway

  • Abdul Waheed

    Natrium Phosphoricum and Natrium Sulfuricum good work for kidney stone.

  • Niveen Torky

    Prevention but not treatment ?

  • Drsamreen Iftikhar

    Best medicine 4 Bone

  • Paula Moss

    Does this also work with Calculi Renales Phosphate please?

  • Shazia Sikander

    Best medicine for students and young girl leucorrhea

  • Brigitte Canadien

    drink a quart of warm water and half a lemon several times a day till it resolves, it works…changes to ph of the blood….

  • Abdul Rab Fakhir

    Nat sulph and nat phos is better remedy

  • Anju Khare

    Is it for kidney stone also

  • Kazumi Kusanagi

    It is good for brain.

  • Rajkumar Raj

    Teething child remedy also,