Furuncle is a BOIL.
You know you have a boil when it a firm reddened bump, tender, swollen skin surrounding the bump, the bump may increase in size, pus-filled head on the bump, which may spontaneously drain, weep, or ooze.

Over time the reddened pat becomes tender and the center of the boil softens and becomes filled with pus. This is what is called the Head of the boil. A boil is also referred as a skin abscess.

A boil can occur anywhere on your body, the trunks, your hands and legs, your buttocks.Boils
Homeopathy helps you control the boil and heal them much quicker. Here we mention some of the remedies that your Homeopath may consider based on the kind of boil you have and the symptoms.

Absinthium — Eruption of furuncles over the whole body.

Aethusa — Painful boil on the small of the back Hepatic derangement. Intolerance of milk. In children during dentition.

Ammonium carbonicum — Boils on the cheeks and around the ear. In scrofulous children, and in old people.

Antimonium crudum — Boils on the perineum. Burning pain for some distance around. Gastric derangement.

Arnica montana — Many small boils on the face. Eructations bitter and like rotten eggs. General lassitude.

Apis mellifica — Boils on the pubis. Burning, stinging pains. Great sensitiveness to touch and pressure.

Belladonna — In early stage, if boil is inflamed and painful. Red, hot, shining swelling. Boils on the shoulders every spring. Alter measles.

Bellis perennis
— Boils beginning as slight pimples, and increasing to large dark colored swellings, with aching pain. Mostly on the neck and lower jaw.

Berberis vulgaris — Hastens suppuration in boils, and prevents their recurrence.

Bromium — Boils on the arms and face. In lighthaired, blue-eyed persons.

Cadmium sulphuratum — Boils on the nose and buttocks.

Calcabea carbonicum — Boils on the forearms and hands, with lancinating pains. Cramps in the arms. Glandular swellings. In scrofulous individuals.

Calcaeea muriatica — As a preventive.

Calcareaum sulphurica
— When boils mature slowly. Violent throbbing gathering pain. Stinging soreness. After injuries.

Carbo animalis — Boils at the anus. Burning, tearing pain. In scrofulous subjects.

Cina — Boils on the head and face in children. Child is very fretful; bores in the nose with the lingers. Burning heat of the face with glowing redness of the cheeks.

— Large boils on the face and neck. Great muscular prostration. Sleeplessness from nervous irritation. Dizziness and blurred vision. Heat of face and head.

Kalmia latifolia — Red inflamed spots like incipient boils.

Lappa major — Boils on the face, eyelids and all over.

Ledum — Boils on the forehead. Itching, pricking tearing pains worse in the evening before midnight. After mosquito stings. In drunkards.

Lycopodium — Boils on the butocks. Periodical boils. Aggravated by warm, wet poultices. After excessive wine drinking.

Manganum — Small boils. Every injury tends to suppurate.

Magnesia muriatica — Boils on the nose which suppurate in twenty-four hours. Boils on the false ribs. Menstrual derangements. Diarrhoea in children.

Mercurius solubilis
— Boil is on the ankles. Coldness of the hands and feet. Fetid ulcers on the legs, with gnawing itching. Shooting tensive pains, worse at night.

Natrum carbonicum — Boils behind the ears. Ulcers on the heel. Burning in the feet when walking. Sour eructations.

Nitric acidum — Numerous large boils on the scapula, nape of the neck, buttocks, thighs aid legs. Tensive pains worse in the evening and at night. Aggravated by drinking milk.

Nitrum — Boils on the thumb.

Nux juglans — Boils on the right arm. Indurated boils. Blood boils. Violent itching and burning.

Nux vomica — Boils on the knees. Gastric derangement. Constipation.

Acidum phosphoricum — Boils in the axillae , and on the buttocks. Burning, stinging pain. Skin feels sore all over. In young people who grow- rapidly.

Phytolacca — Boils on the back.

Silicea — Boils on the. posterior portion of the thighs, and on the calves. Disposition to boils. Constipation. Mal-assimilation.

Stramonium — Boils on the feet. Coldness of the limbs in children.

Sulphur — Boils in the ear. Stinging itching with smarting after scratching; after suppressed menstruation. Disposition to boils.

Zincum oxidatum — Boils on the abdomen, aggravated by use of wine. Worse before and during menstruation- Constipation.




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