Fucus vesiculosis

Allen says tincture and triturations of the dried plant.

Anshutz,e.p. says the fresh algae gathered in May or June are pounded to a pulp and macerated into parts by weight of alcohol.

OBESITY, weight loss, will reduce fat in the chest, abdomen and in
the nape of the neck and upper part of the shoulders. (Allen)

Weight in stomach, obstinate constipation, exophthalmic goitre, intolerable headache, forhead felt as if compressed by an iron ring.
Sence of suffocation, especially during menses.
Dr. Anshutz,E.P, in New Old and forgotten Remedies
wrote that he ones read in the American Eclectic Dispensatory
Fucus vesiculosos has a peculiar odor and a nauseus saline taste.
“The charcol of this plant has long had the reputation of a deobstruend
and been given in goitre and scrofulus swelling”

Time is required for effecting a cure. This varies according to the age and size of the goitre. Three months may suffice for a small goitre of a year of growth
Six months may be required for one twice as large and of longer standing.
A year and a half is the longest period during which he had to continue
the medicine But during all that time the goitre was manifestly diminishing.

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