Food and Thoughts


Our relationship with food has become more and more complicated over the years. Food has become feared and demonised, particularly the foods we like to indulge in once in a while. With all this negativity around food is it possible that this could contribute to some minor digestive and weight issues?

It is possible. There have been many recent experiments which show how your thoughts affect food. Your thoughts are energy which are a part of your energy field. This can have an affect on other things around you. For example an experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto using three beakers of rice and water showed how we can affect food with intent. The first beaker of rice was told “thank you” everyday, the second was completely ignored and the third was told “You’re an idiot” everyday. After one month the rice which was thanked started to ferment and produce a pleasant odour. The rice which was called an idiot turned black. And the most interesting part was that the rice which was completely ignored rotted!

Dr. Masaru Emoto also showed how your intent can change the molecular structure of water. He showed how prayer, music, love and hate can produce very different results, with the positive thoughts producing beautiful structures and the negative thoughts resulting in ugly and random arrangements.

What makes Dr. Masaru Emoto experiments important is that this planet contains more water than land mass, humans also contain around 60-70% water. If we can affect water with our thoughts, feelings or intent this should also have an effect on everything else which contains water. These experiments show that what thoughts you send out is what you will get back. Send out negativity and that’s what you’ll get, negativity.

So having negative thoughts around food or feeling guilty about what you eat may result in negative affects on your body. It has been said that those who pray or bless their food before eating experience better health. Is it because they have a positive intent around their meal rather than negative? How do you feel after eating a meal when stressed, in a bad mood or angry? Usually not too good . Could it be possible that if you think “This food is going to make me fat and I’ll never lose weight”, that’s what you will get?

It’s probably not that simple, otherwise you could eat chocolate all day and believe you will be healthy and never gain weight. However the above experiments show how you can affect food with intent. But it’s also likely that you affect your own body, which means how well your digestion works. So try being positive around food, be grateful for what you have and enjoy eating without guilt. Along with a healthy diet and exercise this can contribute to overall health.




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