Flower Essences for grief

Star of Betlehem

We know there are many homeopathic options for grief. I have found in my practice that the combination of flower essences and homeopathic remedies can bring forth profound results, be it recent or long held grief. Keep in mind as well, when we speak of grief we mean it in any form of loss. Not just human life, but relationships of any kind, possessions, etc… if it is something you loved and lost, you will most likely feel some form of grief about it.

The following essence can assist in a case of grief:

Bleeding Heart– Grief stemming from a relationship.

Dandelion– To release emotional grief that is stuck in the body.

Fuchsia– Is excellent in finding emotionally suppressed grief.

Honeysuckle– To release the past, so you may move forward after a loss.

Star of Bethlehem– Will ease the shock of hearing of death or tragedy.

Wild Rose– For one who is numb from grieving.

As always it is best to work with a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner to find the right remedy or combination of remedies, but this is a brief list to help you get started.




  1. I don’t remember dandelion being made into a Bach Flower Essence. Is it a homeopathic remedy?


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