Schuesslers salt's for Hoarseness

Schuessler’s salts for Hoarseness.

Painful hoarseness of speakers and singers, with inflammation; from overexertion of the voice, or from taking cold; scraping of the throat, with sensation of dryness.

Cured cases
Mr. P. , a minister, was troubled with hoarseness after preaching; there was constant hemming and scraping of the throat. Calcarea phos. and Ferrum phos. , occasional small doses, continued for several months, entirely cured the affection.

  • Bambalie Fatty

    with u zan

  • Anas Noor

    Merc Sol 200 stops tonsils inflammation alongwith Baryta Carb 30.
    Merc Sol 200
    Belladona 200 combined together has proven results as a first remedy in chronic tonsils.

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    Bekar hai homeopathy

  • Rose Humphreys

    good for early signs of inflammation in the throat

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    and yellow mucus

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    S cosa serve? È x la mancanza di ferro?

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    It works in such a short time

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    Safe remedy for children frequently affected by cold and fever.

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    I tried it on myself excellent result within hours

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    I used Bryonia Ferrum Phos to get rid of pleurisy

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    Hitesh Kumar….you should definitely try this

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