Diseases of Ihe ear, when inflammatory symptoms are present, with fever, pain, congestion, etc.
Earache, with throbbing, burning pain; also sharp, sticking pains, due to inflammation; hot outward applications relieve by making counter-irritation.
Noises in the ear, singing and ringing, as if quinine had been used; beating in the ear. Deafness, due to chronic
inflammation of the ear.

A weak woman suffered three or four days from earache and pain in right side of head. The ear had been discharging for three days, but no relief of the pain, which was very severe. Membranes looked beefy-red, swollen and perforated; discharge profuse.
Ferrum phos. ,in water, every hour. In three days was better in every way, and in a week was well.

  • abumubashirma


  • Punithavathy Ramakrishnan

    Ferr.phos is my close friend.It lend me its hand so many times

  • Kathy N Tom Martin

    Never tried it for earaches but it sure knocked out a nasty case of anemia, quickly.

  • Arijit Sarkar

    Along with Kali Mur gives better relief in earache

  • Jignesh Pandya

    Acts all inflammatory condition….

  • Dhurendra Vaswani

    essential Biochemic in most of the symptoms; giving prompt relief.

  • Marjorie Morey

    Excellent remedy for little children with earaches.

  • Nancy Schenk

    Dissolved in water, fantastic for mosquito bites!