Proving prepared from the blood and feather of a Peregrine tiercel that had been bred in captivity and is used as a stud bird. Conducted by
Misha Nordland at the School of Homeopathy in 1997

FALCON FREEDOM a poem written by a 10 year old kid after Falco-p
I’m a bird locked away
Í’m a bird who wants to play
I want to speed among the air
I want to be freed among the land
Can I be free?
Can I once again soar through the air?
Can I stay again please?
Can I divide the air again.
I want to soar through the land
I want the air to hit my face again
I want to dive down and strike prey
I want freedom…
This interesting birdy- has consciousness being lifted higher the top of my head/awareness expanding above my self.
feeling space-out-detachment-with numbness on legs. Fear of people, empathy with nature. clarity, confidence, swears, squandering, anger, coldness, indifferent to partner and his own kids, feels small and vulnerable




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