Eye strain

When concentrating on a visually intense task, such as continuously focusing on a book or computer monitor, the ciliary muscle tightens. This can cause the eyes to get irritated and uncomfortable. Giving the eyes a chance to focus on a distant object at least once an hour usually alleviates the problem.

Eye strain Eyestrain signs and symptoms include:

Sore, tired, burning or itching eyes
Watery or dry eyes
Blurred or double vision
Sore neck, shoulders or back
Increased sensitivity to light
Difficulty concentrating
Feeling that you cannot keep your eyes open

Homeopathy offers wonderful remedies that help you in conditions of eyestrain. here we discuss some of the remedy resonance that can be used. Your homeopath will arrive at the right remedy based on your similimum.

Aconite. Eye strain from over-use of the eyes ; lids spasmodically closed, and have a heavy feeling in them, while the eyes feel very hot and dry after using ; temporary relief by cold water.

Agaricus: Eye strain, especially muscular, if accompanied by sudden jerks of the ball ; twitching of the lids ; etc.

Apis: Redness of the eyes ; lachrymation ; stinging pains.

Argentum nitricum: Weakened ciliary muscles from overworking eyes ; they feel hot and dry, with disposition to rub them ; blurring, constant pain when using eyes.

Calcarea carbonica: Pale flabby subjects, inclined to grow fat ; with coldness of the extremities and perspiration about the head ; eyes pain after using, and they are generally worse in damp weather and from warmth.

Cinnabaris: Eye strain, with pain from the inner canthus, extending above or around the eye ; exit of supraorbital nerve sore to

Conium maculatum: Cannot read long without the letters running together ; burning pain deep in the eye; inability to bear either light or heat.

Euphrasia: Eyes irritable from over-use ; with blurring of the vision ; relieved by winking.

Ignatia: Eye strain in nervous hysterical females.

Kalmia: Stiff drawing sensations in the muscles upon moving the eyes.

Lilium tigrinum: Aching, tired feeling in eyes, as if the eyes must be closed and pressed upon with the fingers in order to give relief, and to enable the patient to see better; bright light pains; heat in eyes; redness of conjunctiva; sense of fullness in head; pain over
left ovarian region ; morning diarrhoea.

Natrum muriaticum: When reading only a short time the letters run together, with aching in and around the eyes ; the muscles feel stiff and drawn, and ache upon moving the eye in any direction ; sharp pain above the eye on looking down ; the eyes appear irritable, and
after using they smart, itch, and burn ; patients wish to keep the eyes firmly closed, and something pressed hard against them.

Phosphorus: Eyes ache on moving, and feel hot and painful after using; bright light aggravates the trouble, so that patient is
better in the twilight.

Rhododendron: Insufficiency of the internal recti-muscles, with darting pains through the eyes and head ; always worse before
a storm.

Ruta graveolens: Aching in and over the eyes, with blurring of the vision, after using and straining the eyes at fine work ; the eyes feel hot like balls of fire ; appear irritable and run water, especially towards evening, after working all day.

Spigelia: Sharp stabbing pain in the eye and around it, extending back into the head.




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