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There are many remedies that could be indicated for your condition. It could be confusing for someone who has not studied homeopathy. You might feel that almost every remedy looks to be that perfect remedy.
But to a homeopath arriving at the right remedy comes easily. He will identify the right remedy based on the many symptoms that you have.

Talk to your homeopath. Enjoy good health with Homeopathy.

  • Ram Yadav

    i have done.

  • Ram Yadav

    i will send answer your inbox,

  • Ram Yadav

    sneezing when entering a heated room during winter = pulsatilla //// when moving from a hot area to cold area = sabadilla , silicea, natrum mur., hepur sulph.

  • Ram Yadav

    ((((nux vomica = especially morning sneezing))) / ( Lachesis may stop the sneezing for immediately relief ) ,

  • Manoj Kumar

    To cure frequent sneezing, particularly during morning time?

  • Ram Yadav

    arsenicum album for food poisoning

  • Ram Yadav

    for college/school going students only two remedy best for study 1) anacardium 2) Kali. phos.

  • Ram Yadav

    alfalfa is the no. 1 homeopathy physical & mental health tonic ,,

  • Avanti Mookherjee

    You are absolutely correct

  • Vijay Shankar

    I believe in homoeopathy but now even homoeopaths are money hungry and use computer prompters to get remedies. They don’t have time and are also money grabbers. Where I live in Alaknanda in south Delhi, the homoeopath charged Rs.750 for one weeks medicine which is not affordable even for middle class considering that homoeo medicine is usually long term. Homoeopaths shud not copy other docs who are now insincere money making machines.
    If there is a genuine, sincere, dedicated and reasonably priced homoeopath in Delhi who is a healer and not a money grabber, please let me know.
    Homoeopaths have become racketeers. So many of them advertise saying they can cure chronic kidney disease. It is a shameless lie. There is no cure yet in any system.

  • Fahad Husaib Ahmed

    Are u free service?

  • Akhtar Ali Khara

    Im Homoeo Dr.Akhtar Ali

  • Barbara Kahler

    Peter Kahler at Oxford Naturopathics would love to help you.

  • Carol Corbiere

    Contact Crystal Care Homeopathy

  • Poonam Sardana

    Homoeopathy mein mujhe sabse achchi baat ye lagti hai ki iske koi side effects nahin hote.

  • Ashok Kumar Rath

    A wrong concept on homoeopathy is going on that it is slow in action instead of that it works n give relief instantly than any other pathy provided depend on accuracy…

  • Sonu Chauhan

    female 43age, uncontrolled heart bit after any shock,tention, angerness, afraid ness, after taking high power allowpathy medicines, feels pain in heart and uncontrolled heart bit—————-please suggest any homeopathypathy remady?

  • Paul Gaudet

    Hospitals kill people .