Endometritis is an inflammation of the endometrial membrane in the uterus. It is more likely to occur after miscarriage or childbirth. It is also more common after a long labor or C-section.

The risk of endometritis is higher after having a pelvic procedure that is done through the cervix. Such procedures include:
D and C
Endometrial biopsy
Placement of an intrauterine device (IUD)
Endometritis can occur at the same time as other pelvic infections.

Homeopathy offers a wide range of remedies for such a condition.

Here we discuss Remedy Resonance of remedies that can be used for endometritis. There are many more from which your Homeopath will identify the right remedy based on your similimum.

ARSENICUM ALBUM: Burning, throbbing, lancinating pains; burning like fire. Thirst for frequent sips of water, only a little at a time. Cold water aggravates her symptoms. She wants to be wrapped up.

BRYONIA: The least motion aggravates her sufferings. Her head aches as if it would split open. Lips parched and dry ; mouth dry, and very thirsty. Constipation.

BELLADONNA: The pains are sudden, — coming on quickly and ceasing as quickly. Clutching pains, as if the hand were clawing with the nails. The parts are very sensitive ; she cannot bear the least touch.

GRAPHITES: Particularly when the ovaries are affected. Eruptions, tetters and excoriations on various parts of the body. A tendency to obesity.

SECALE COR: The inflammation seems to be caused by suppression of the menses.

SEPIA: Burning, shooting and stitching pains in the neck of the uterus. A constant sense of pressing into the vagina ; she feels that she must cross her limbs to prevent a protrusion.




  1. I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used
    to love this web site. Thanks, I’ll try and check back more frequently.
    How frequently you update your site?

  2. @Kristina

    The article is about endometritis, not endometriosis.    “itis” means inflammation.
    Endometritis is an inflammatory condition of the the lining of the uterus, and it’s usually due to an infection.

    Your condition of endometriosis is quite different.  One simple definition is  Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows outside it. The main symptoms are pelvic pain and infertility.

  3. Bryonia for croup in kids Also gave it to a puppy for kennel cough Works almost immediately

  4. Sir i have loose motion frequently and mucus and ondigested food is with stool what to do.plz write me

  5. I am sure your intentions are good, however, your information on endometriosis is very wrong and is a little offensive to those who suffer from it. Please find accurate information on the disease! Thank you!

  6. Bryoniya very good medicines for pain which aggravate due to movement , dry cough with headache.
    Belladona is good for headache due to high bp
    Gaal bledder stone pain
    Cough with red face

  7. Excellent remedies. Our son whom suffers from severe headaches turns to Belladonna and immediate relief he sees and fewer and fewer headaches.

  8. Psikolojik araştırmalara göre; birini sürekli düşünüyorsanız ve bunu engelleyemiyorsanız, sebebi düşündüğünüz kişinin de sizi düşünmesidir. Bunun gibi duyulmamış, görülmemiş, şaşırtıcı, ilginç ve bilimsel bilgilere sahip olup, eğlenmek istiyorsan sayfamıza katılabilirsin. Teşekkürler !

  9. Sir labial harpis type 2 positive hai kya iska parmanent treatment hai agar hai to pls jarur bataein.

  10. In homeopathy there’s no antidote for virus. Medicines are based on what symptom it makes on the body. For zeeka virus, symptom of the affected only should make us pick right medicine.


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