Em Colley

My first experience of homeopathy was thanks to my mum, and also my horse.

Our horse had been diagnosed with recurrent uveitis which we’d been told was incurable and that she would have to have repeated steroid injections (into her eyelid) as a preventative measure. Not liking this, but also reading that eventually one ‘solution’ could be to have her eye removed, mum started to look for other, more gentle solutions, and stumbled across the work of Chris Day, homeopathic vet.

Chris was kind enough to reply to the enquiries and recommended us to consult with John Saxton, a homeopathic vet practicing in Leeds. So he visited, asked us lots of questions, prescribed 5 days of remedies and changed my life, and hers. She never experienced any further eye symptoms, whilst I, at age 16, experienced homeopathy working rapidly, gently, and with permanently lasting results..

Fast forward a few years and I have to thank a difficult relationship for getting me back into the homeopaths chair. I was in a fairly bad state, wouldn’t leave the house by myself, self esteem on the floor and restarted going to see my homeopath who, once I was returning to health, after a while asked why I didn’t study homeopathy. Well, it was like coming home, the most obvious thing I was supposed to do. I’d previously studied Psychology and Neuroscience and had sent off for information about studying homeopathy whilst doing my degree but the guidelines that you were over 21 to begin meant that I’d shelved that idea for a time.

I studied with the North West College in Manchester, UK, graduating in 2007 when my daughter was 6 months old, and went on to study further around the lanthanides and periodic table with Jackie McTaggart for several years from ’08-’11. I think from the beginning I was aware I was drawn to study Dynamis with Jeremy Sherr although the first time I encountered the course I was pregnant, working full time and studying so left it for a few years. I was very blessed to eventually study Dynamis with him, and an amazing group of people from Hawkwood where the School of Homeopathy is now based, and finished that in 2013.

There have been so many influential homeopaths along my way and I feel incredibly grateful to all of them. My guiding light, and the one that shines through it all in so many ways would have to be my first homeopath, Sue Asquith, who in 1992 set up the clinic where I now work. Sue is now in Canada, and has a beautiful coffee shop (www.twowhales.com) and I am so thankful for her inspiration and hard work for many years in the world of homeopathy, and personally for that simple question with so much personal logic ‘why don’t you study homeopathy?’ Inspired by the work of Homeopathy Action Trust, I became a trustee of the charity in 2014 and in this role have been blessed to work alongside some incredible people also.

I would love to see homeopathy become more integrated into everyone’s awareness of healthcare options, I’d like it to be more of a choice, instead of a last resort. So many people consult me after trying every other option and then find relief with homeopathy. What if they hadn’t had to wait 10 years though and struggle on? What I’d really like is for it to be more in people’s awareness as a natural choice, an obvious choice to explore as we take back our control of our health, our responsibility for ourselves.

I love working with homeopathy and see so many amazing people and cases, from the lady with constant headaches, who’d been taking up to 200 painkillers a month for years go from here to needing no painkillers within 6 months on only one remedy repeated 4 times, or people with chronic IBS finding relief within weeks, as well as helping others on emotional levels, I feel fortunate daily to have found this extraordinary medicine and way of working.




  1. Wishing you all the best and congratulations to you for selecting Homoeopathic medicine as your profession and passion.EM COLLEY

  2. any places to learn in Sarasota, FL? i will be moving there within a year and would like totake classes


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