(Atmospheric and Static)
Caspari and his colleagues obtained the symptoms caused by Electricity, natural and artificial, and was first published in Hom. Bibliot.
Later it appears in Jahr and has recently been republished, with additions by Clarke.

Every medical man knows the extreme susceptibility of some persons to the electric fluid and the sufferings they experience on the approach of, and during, a thunderstorm, or the contact of an electric current.
The potencies are prepared from milk sugar which has been saturated with the current.

Dreads the approach of a thunderstorm ; suffers mental torture before and during an electric storm. Electricity should not be used nor electro-thermal baths taken when suffering from a cold, especially if the chest be involved ; fatal results have followed.

Heaviness and paralysis of limbs and entire body ; feels as if she weighed a ton. Intense nervous anxiety ; timid, fearful, sighing ; screams through nervous fear ; paroxysms of weeping.

Relations.- (Electricitas)
Antidote : Morphia acetate, especially the potency.
Clarke says : “I have found Phosphorus the best antidote to the effects of storms.”
Compare : (Electricitas)
The X-ray, Psor., Tub. to remove the susceptibility.

Drawing through all the limbs, extending to the tips of the fingers and toes.
General languor after a meal.
Pains in the limbs.
Paralysis of single limbs, particularly the lower.
Stiffness of the limbs.
Trembling of the limbs, particularly of those which have received the shock.
Aggravation of the epileptic fits.
Heavy sensation as if she weighed a ton.
Intense suffering with paralysis of nervous and muscular system.
Painful spasms along the back from below upward.
Relaxation of the nerves and muscles.
Shock through the whole body, proceeding from the malar bone.
St. Vitus’ dance.
Subsultus tendinum.
Tingling in the electrified parts.
Violent burning of the parts which are in contact with the chain.

The Materia Medica of the Nosodes.
By Henry Clay ALLEN, M. D.
Presented and arranged by Dr Robert Séror.




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