Dynamic Medicine: The World According to Homeopathy

Here is a book excerpt from Dr. Larry Malerba's new book which has been at the top of Amazon's Hot New Releases list for 3 weeks.

Dynamic Mediine

There are lots of books that explain homeopathy in relatively simple terms. And there are many manuals designed for the homeopathic professional. But there are very few books that provide a sophisticated overview of homeopathy that is both challenging and yet suitable for all readers. Written from the perspective of an experienced homeopath, Dynamic Medicine is an insider’s guide that encourages the reader to think deeply about the nature of illness, the hazards of conventional medicine, and successful strategies for genuine healing.

The following excerpt is from Dr. Larry Malerba’s new book, Dynamic Medicine: The World According to Homeopathy, which offers an insightful examination of this unusual healing art and science…

Homeopathy is both revolutionary and subversive. Those who experience successful homeopathic treatment are often changed in ways that they could not have anticipated. When we begin to question how it is possible that homeopathy can work at all, it profoundly alters our perception of the world around us. Once the implications of homeopathic treatment sink in, one cannot help but see things from a completely different perspective, from a radically different paradigm than that of mainstream science and medicine.

Homeopathy is controversial because it challenges some of our most cherished beliefs and values. It changes our understanding of mind and body. It flies in the face of body-centered materialistic medicine. Homeopathy does not simply acknowledge the reality of mind. It confirms over and over that mind and body are one. Even the term mindbody is misleading. It does not mean that mind and body are two separate but interconnected things. Mind and body are one and the same.

Just to be clear, it’s not that all is mind, or that all is in the mind. All is mindbody, with health disturbances manifesting to varying degrees as physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual symptomatology. Perhaps it is more complete to say that all is bodyheartmindsoul.

Mindbody is just a convenient but artificial term used to refer to an idea that is foreign to those who interpret life and illness from the concrete three-dimensional paradigm of mainstream medicine. It is hard enough for scientists to believe that there is such a thing as mind, let alone the idea that mind and body are the same.

The consensus view of modern science is that mind is an “epiphenomenon,” a mere byproduct of brain neurochemistry. Science’s materialist bias prevents it from considering the possibility that the brain, like a radio that channels radio waves, could be a receiver and transmitter of consciousness. Three-dimensional medicine is not ready to admit the existence of a fourth dimension. But without the fourth dimension of consciousness, without a life force to organize and maintain homeostasis, the human body would be nothing more than an amorphous soup.

Homeopathy demonstrates in practical terms the energetic nature of all things. All is one and all is energy. That which we call matter is just a more dense and compact manifestation of energy. Einstein’s theory of special relativity demonstrates the idea of mass-energy equivalence, which is to say that mass is nothing more than concentrated energy. That is why it is possible to say that body and mind are the same. All phenomena, material and immaterial, are manifestations of energy along a continuum. Mainstream science conceptualizes energy from the lowest frequency radio waves to the highest frequency gamma rays. But it fails to incorporate matter on the low end of the spectrum and mind at the higher end.

Call it mind, call it consciousness, or energy, or chi, or spirit, or the life force; it doesn’t really matter. All are legitimate terms that refer to a mysterious fourth dimension, a dimension that science and medicine mistakenly dismiss as irrelevant to health and healing. We live in a unified universe where all things vibrate at their own unique frequencies.

We can acknowledge this reality, take the time to study its properties and principles, and make use of this valuable knowledge for the betterment of humankind, or we can go on as we have, digging ourselves deeper into the materialistic muck with the help of mainstream medicine. We can work with the life force or we can work against it. The choice is ours.

The vibratory frequency of the life force changes when it experiences distress, resulting in a distinct pattern of symptoms. Each homeopathic remedy has a unique energy frequency, which can be identified by the symptom pattern that it can cause. When matching energy signatures of remedy and sick individual are brought together, which is to say, when the two frequencies resonate, it creates a type of constructive interference that resolves the dysfunction of the vital force thus returning it to energetic balance, to its previously healthy baseline state.

Homeopathy is revolutionary because it changes the very nature and purpose of medicine itself. The goal is not just to relieve pain or discomfort; it is to restore health and balance. The goal is not just to suppress symptoms; it is to peel back the layers, to unravel the cumulative dysfunction of the life force. The goal is not just physical health; homeopathy’s aim is the health of body, heart, mind, and soul. Although such expectations are far higher than orthodox medicine could ever dream of, they are not unrealistic. Our expectations regarding allopathic medicine are remarkably low. We tend to accept increasingly greater risks for only modest benefits. Homeopathic treatment may not always achieve its lofty agenda but, when it does, it is a truly remarkable thing to behold.

Homeopathy accomplishes all this without generating nasty side effects, without the need for synthetic substances, without poisoning the environment with those substances, and without doing harm to animals. And to top it all off, homeopathy reduces the likelihood of price gouging and corporate exploitation.

As if that were not enough, homeopathy also serves as a tool for conscious evolution. In other words, it is a healing modality that, when practiced with skill, tends to promote growth of consciousness. I don’t mean the slow, cruel, random kind of survival-of-the-fittest Darwinian evolution that we have all been taught courtesy of materialist science. Homeopathy facilitates a more immediate type of psycho-spiritual evolution that manifests itself as greater awareness, emotional balance and maturity, and spiritual receptivity.

To me, illness is blocked energy, the consequence of which is arrested development. Chronic illness that refuses to yield is indicative of obstructed consciousness. This is the reason why so many people learn valuable life lessons through the suffering that accompanies illness. The obstruction is only meant to be temporary, just long enough to absorb the message hiding within it. Note that this is not the same as saying that people cause their own illnesses or have the voluntary power to think their way out of their illnesses. Illness is very complex and often beyond our control. That’s why chronic illness is chronic. It defies our ability to solve it on our own. Sometimes the lesson is as simple as learning how to ask for help.

Homeopathy can radically alter the course of people’s lives by releasing them from the energetic grip of their illnesses. When the vital force is no longer preoccupied with illness it can be redirected toward higher purposes of personal growth and service to humanity. Consciousness and illness are just positive and negative sides of the same coin. Illness is the spur that holds the key to healing and its consequent increase of awareness. I’ve seen cosmic doors open more than a few times after my patients have received the correct remedy. It’s as if the universe recognizes that the situation has changed for the better, thus allowing opportunities for growth and advancement to materialize in unexpected ways—opportunities that the person would have been unable to take advantage of in his or her prior state of ill health. I am often left to wonder what a particular patient’s life would have been like had he or she not received that much-needed remedy.

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