Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Curry


Please meet Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Curry, a Homeopath Doctor from New York. She graduated in 1894 from New York Medical College and Hospital for Women, a Homeopathic institution incorporated under the University of the State of New York in 1863. This was the first place in New York City where a woman could study medicine, and until 1918, the only hospital that accepted female interns. Dr. Curry made lots of house calls by her horse and buggy for a $1.00 each visit.

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  • Poonam Reddy

    Age27.weight 65. Irregular periods. So much hair fall.and how to loss my weight.

  • Micheline Babin

    En 1863 visite de médecin homéopathe à domicile coûtait 1.00$ seulement le point qui a tassé de deux zéro.