Dr. Jayesh Sanghvi


From childhood and I had heard stories about my father and about my great Grandfather who was a royal physician to most of the kings in Gujarat even though he was an allopath, he believed a lot in Homeopathy, during the great plague of the 1930’s he has saved thousands of life’s with Homeopathy

In his mid 30’s my father took to Homeopathy as a hobby after a miracle cure he experienced.

During that period one lobe of each lung of my mother who was advised to be surgically removed and under my fathers treatment she lived 22 years without surgery also from childhood I have hardly needed to take any other medicines except Homeopathy. This is what motivated me into study Homeopathy which I call the first love of my life.

I did my graduation from AHMC, Kottayam Kerala and post graduation from Jaipur university.

My Guru, Dr Ramanlal P Patel of Kerala (Now in Baroda) a living legend of Homeopathy and the foremost authority on cancer made the greatest impact
in my life.

Homeopathy has been the Cinderella to the world of medicine. It’s time we Homeopaths bring it out before the world, emerging it in all its beauty to claim its rightful place as a scientific science of healing by proving its ingenuousness for a wider and respectable global acceptance.

With this absolute purpose in mind 8 leading Homeopaths and non-homeopaths of the country have founded an NGO, the Global Homeopathy Foundation with the sole aim to empower Homeopaths, to help Homeopathy get a credible and rightful status across the world and ultimately take Homeopathy to every
country in the world for the benefits of mankind and the deserving humanity.




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