Dr. Bijoy Kumar Bose (1879 – 1977)

Dr. Bijoy

Please meet Dr. Bijoy Kumar Bose (1879 – 1977), one of the greatest, who was also known as the “Indian Kent” due to his ability for accurate mental repertorisation.

He was a student of Dr. J.T. Kent in U.S.

In Calcutta of India he was the backbone of the Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital. Dr. B. K. Bose trained most of the well known Homeopathic teachers in India. As well he was the personal physician of many members of the government. He himself lived his life in simplicity and modesty. He invested his money and his entire inherited fortune in his hospital and used it for the general public.

One of his quotes is: “It is simple to be a successful physician, but difficult to be a good human.”




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