An exhaustive study of the homeopathic remedies for Diabetes.


1. Argentum metallicum

Emaciation and great weakness ; face pale and sallow ; urine turbid, sweetish-tasting, profuse ; scrotum and feet
oedematous ; fetid taste of the mouth ; disposition to gangrene.

2. Arsenicum album

Insatiable hunger ; unquenchable thirst; emaciation ; paleness of the skin ; loss of strength ; disposition to gangrene ; dryness of mouth and throat ; great quantity of urine ; watery diarrhoea ; slight motion causes dyspnoea, with palpitation and fainting.

3. Asclepias tuberosa

Arthritis; bleeding of gums ; insatiable hunger; impotency ; emaciation.

4. Berberis vulgaris

Pale sallow face, sunken cheeks ; sickly expression ; dryness and sticky sensation in the mouth and fauces ; sticky frothy saliva, like cotton; great appetite and increased thirst; increased micturition ; pale yellow urine, with a gelatinous sediment ; weakness of the sexual organs ; pulse slow and weak ; bruised sensation in the back; fatigue and prostration from slight exertion ; skin sticky and scaling off.

5. Carbolic acid

Short, dry, hacking cough ; excessive urination, the urine containing sugar; copious flow of limpid colorless urine; diarrhoea or torpor of intestines ; unusual appetite and thirst for stimulants; great languor and profound prostration; skin cold, with horripilations ; light cases in persons given to obesity.

6. Cuprum metalllicum

Great and slowly progressing emaciation ; suppuration tuberculosis of the lungs, and evident signs of depression of the brain ; very great thirst ; increased hunger ; sweetish taste of the mouth ; increased urination, especially at night ; dry, very infrequent stool ; decrease of sexual desire.

7. Curare

Clear and frequent urine, with digging crampy pains in kidneys ; shooting in stomach ; dry mouth ; great thirst, especially evenings and at night; sugar urine, with great emaciation.

8. Digitalis

Heavy specific gravity of the urine; palpitation of the heart; irregular and intermittent pulse; cough, with profuse, loose, purulent expectoration ; profuse and frequent emission of clear pale urine; debility steadily increasing.

9. Helonias

Unnatural languor, feeling of weakness, and weight in the region of the kidneys ; general weariness ; wakes every morning with the lips, tongue, and fauces dry, and a bitter, disagreeable taste in the mouth ; pain in kidneys ; passes large quantities of clear pale urine and of increased specific gravity ; complete impotence ; pain and feeling of lameness in the whole back; numbness in the feet, going off by motion ; dull, gloomy, and irritable ; profound melancholy.

10. Kali bromatum

Emaciation, paleness, skin cold and dry, pulse rapid and feeble, tongue red and tender, gums spongy and bleeding; thirst excessive ; appetite voracious ; bowels constipated ; urine pale, frequent, of great density, and loaded with sugar, liver tumid and tender.

11. Kreosotum

Perfect depression of the trophic nervous system. Heaviness all over, with drowsiness ; depression of spirits ; head feels confused and dull ; dim sightedness ; flat bitter taste; appetite, with sensation of fullness ; intermittent, hard, dry stool ; frequent and copious emission of hot clear urine; impotence; bruised sensation in chest and all along the back; physical exhaustion.

12. Lachesis

Despondency and peevishness; dimness of eyes ; livid gray complexion ; readily bleeding gums; sweetish taste; constipation; violent urging to urinate, with copious discharge; impotence; difficult suffocative breathing; laming pain and weakness in back and extremities; gangrene; emaciation, with muscular relaxation.

13. Lacticum acidum

Excessive thirst ; frequent and copious micturition ; urine contains sugar; skin rough and dry ; obstinate constipation ; tongue dry, sticky ; gastric ailments ; debility and emaciation; feels constantly tired and exhausted from slightest exertion.

14. Lithium carbonicum

Very frequent urination, disturbing sleep; turbid urine, with much mucous deposit; dark reddish-brown deposit in urine.

15. Lycopodium

Peevish and depressed in mind ; thirst and hunger constant, but worse at night; flatulence; faeces small in quantity; want of natural warmth; sexual desire and power gone; pulmonary phithisis, pituitosa, and purulent, with hectic; great emaciation ; mental, nervous, and bodily exhaustion.


16. Moschus

Unquenchable thirst; great emaciation ; constipation ; frequent passage of large quantities of saccharine urine; paralytic condition of the brain ; dimness of sight ; earthy complexion ; great dryness of the mouth and putrid taste; great thirst for stimulants and aversion to food ; prickling in the skin ; general exhaustion, with coldness all over.

17. Natrum muriaticum

Polyuria; unquenchable thirst ; emaciation ; loss of sleep and appetite ; no sweat ; the skin generally cold ; irritable and peevish; sallow complexion ; great debility ; great despondency ; constipation, with sensation of contraction of the anus.

18. Natrum sulphuricum

Depressed, irritable, taciturn, tired of life; dulness in bead and weakness of sight; dryness and burning in the eyes; nosebleed; dryness of mouth and throat; great thirst for very cold drinks ; voracious appetite, with a boring pain ; disgust while eating ; fetid flatus; increased urination, especially at night ; pains in small of back, with burning urine; with purulent expectoration.

19. Nux vomica

Good livers and sedentary habits. Acidity, with dyspeptic troubles ; constriction of the throat; dry cough; pains in the back ; numbness ; paretic condition of the lower extremities ; after ineffectual desire to urinate, frequent and more copious urination than could be expected from the quantity of fluid taken ; sexual desire strong.

20. Phosphoricum acidum

Debility from loss of animal fluids; bad effects from grief, anguish, sorrow, and care ; all the joints feel bruised ; very sensitive to fresh air; lassitude and heaviness; weakness of mind; falling out of the hair ; dimness of eyes ; excessive thirst ; eructations from acids; pressure in stomach; hard difficult stool; shortness of breathing; urine thick, like milk or lime-water, with whitish curds, with stringy bloody lumps, or clear, limpid, and containing much sugar; pain in back and kidneys; dull pressure in bladder; greatest weakness and emaciation ; furunculosis.

21. Plumbum metallicum

Dryness and brittleness ; lassitude ; great feebleness ; steady decrease of nutrition ; dingy color of the skin ; gangrene ; fever, with unquenchable thirst ; lowness of spirits, anguish, and deep melancholy; diminution of sight ; great dryness of the mouth; dry cracked tongue ; feeling of contraction and constriction of the throat ; constipation; suppuration in lungs; hectic fever and complete impotence ; chronic lead-poisoning- produces a perfect picture of diabetes mellitus and Bright’s disease.

22. Podophyllum

Chalky stools ; profuse and frequent micturition immediately alter drinking ; excessive hepatic action ; hot sour flatus.

23. Ratanhia

Considerable emaciation and weakness ; limbs sore and aching ; great appetite ; insatiable thirst and constant dryness of the mouth; gums livid and swollen; soreness in the kidneys; severe pains in small of back, improved by motion ; hard stool, with straining; frequent urging to urinate, with scanty discharge, or passes large quantities of light-colored urine.

24. Secale cornatum

Great general lassitude ; heaviness of limbs ; loss of strength ; emaciation ; gangrene ; skin dry anil withered ; furuncles ;   fever, with unquenchable thirst; diminished power of the senses; dryness of the mouth; morbidly great appetite ; cardialgia; costiveness; diarrhoea; watery urine ; increased quantity of urine.

25. Sulphuricum acidum

Lassitude; debility; despondency ; dimness of mind and of sight; itching over the whole body ; flatulency upwards and downwards ; stitches in hepatic region ; skin completely inactive, cold, and dry; large quantities of sugar in urine; typhoid condition.

26. Tarantula

Profound grief and anxiety; great prostration, and pain as if the whole body were bruised; loss of memory and dimness of sight; constant craving for raw articles; intense thirst; disgust for meat and general wasting away; constipation; polyuria, with violent pains in the lumbar region, and paralysis of the lower extremities ; miliary eruptions and furuncles.

27. Terebinth oleum

Inability to concentrate the mind; dull languid mind, relieved by frequent micturition ; despondency ; wearied of life ; obscuration of sight ; sunken features ; lips cracked and slightly bleeding ; epistaxis ; spongy gums ; tongue dry and red ; foul breath ; hunger and thirst, with debility ; aversion to meat ; rancid or acrid eructations; burning in stomach and hypochondria; tympanitis; albuminuria, with frequent micturition ; sugar is noticed in urine after large doses of ol. tereb.

28. Uranium nitricum

Causes sugar to be deposited in the urine. General languor ; debility ; cold feeling ; vertigo ; purulent discharges from eyelids and nostrils, with ulceration of cheeks from the acrid discharge; copious salivation; vomiting, with great thirst; putrid eructations; urgent desire to evacuate bladder and rectum ; frequent micturition; cough, with purulent discharge from nostril; lung infiltrated with gray tubercles ; stiffness in loins ; languor on rising from bed. with fishy smell of urine ; prostration, somnolence, and shivering during the day : restless at night.

29. Ustilago maidis

Great depression of spirits; dryness of the nostrils ; burning sensation of the face and scalp; dryness of fauces, with difficult deglutition ; loss of appetite, followed by canine hunger ; eructations of food, strongly acid ; burning in stomach and intestines ; dry hard stool; great increase of colorless urine; extreme depression of sexual organs, with great relaxation of scrotum ; dull pains in lumbar region ; great itching of skin at night.




  1. Sepia, Phosphorus, Na phosph, Tuja, Sulphur, Bovista should be in this list…look Phatak Repertory regarding the issue

  2. Recwegs R05 or baksons B02 stomach drop containing Argentum nitricum. Is useful in diabetes though patent no. are Recwegs R 40 or baksons B20, sugar drops and Bico 07 tabs

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  4. I’ve used Syzygium Jambolanum Q before meals and Acid Phos Q=1X after meals for a good control over diabetes and debility, and have found good results.
    This medication greatly reduced the knee joint pain in a span of one week which prevailed for months by the use of allopathic diabetes control salts such as metformin HCl and Sitagliptin.

  5. Thanks for discuss a lot of medicine. But it is not only way.
    Constitutional treatment must.

  6. I thought Syzygium jambolanum is a good one? My dog was having tremors borderline seizures once a month, I started giving him this he didn’t have a seizure for 3 months. It was the first time in a year and half. Do you think this is effective?

  7. Mr. Allopathic homeopaths seriously look at homeopathy and you will definitely find its greatness that it can’t control the diabetes but actually it can cure the sick efficiently, gently, and permanently.


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