Remedies for Depression

Melancholic depression is a form of major depressive disorder (MDD). It is called Melancholia”.

When you suffer from this condition, life seems meaningless and without a purpose.

The World Health Organization (WHO) puts depression at the top of the list of the most common illness worldwide and the leading cause of disability. Around 350 million people around the world are affected by depression. 12 to 15 % of women in the United States and about 8 -10% of men experience Melancholia sometime during their lifetime. The severity of attacks can vary. It is one of the more serious forms of depression. People who suffer from Bipolar is sometimes most typical of this condition.

Arsenicum album: Periodical attacks of anguish and restlessness, restless moving about, inability to remain quiet in bed or to sit still ; the anguish sets in at night, or in the evening at twilight ; disposition to weep : fixed idea that one has offended every body, or cannot lead a happy life ; fear, with disposition to kill one’s-self, or excessive fear of death; oppressive and compressive sensation in the pit of the stomach ; hot and red face.

Aurum metallicum: Violent precordial anguish, weeping, praying, palpitation of the heart, aversion to life, desire to kill one’s-self; disposition to despair of one’s-self and of the respect of others, and to consider every thing from the worst side ; inability to perform mental labour, even the least ; frequent buzzing in the ears and headache ; bruised pain of the brain after every mental labour : affections of the liver.

Belladonna : Great anguish, especially at the approach of persons ; disposition to attack people, followed by tears of repentance ; or restless, gloomy and whining moods, with listlessness and indifference ; amorous paroxysms ; spasms in the throat and urinary passages ; excited sexual instinct.

Ignatia: Taciturn, staring look ; grief, indifference to every thing ; anguish, palpitation of the heart ; disposition to cry ; desire to Be alone ; debility ; frequent sighing ; sallow, sunken face; falling off of the hair.

Lachesis : Anguish and restlessness, inducing the patient to go out into the open air ; low spirits with longing to give one’self up to grief, to despair of one’s salvation; frequent sighing, followed by relief.

Pulsatilla : Great tendency to start ; anguish with desire to drown one’s-self; sleeplessness with anguish, or restless sleep with anxious dreams ; anxious contractive sensation in the chest, especially in the evening or at night, with asthma and suffocative fits ; despair of salvation, with constant praying ; great disposition to weep, or to sit still with folded hands.

Sulphur : Anguish with apprehension about one’s fate, domestic affairs, salvation ; disposition- to sit still and listlessly, or to despair and escape ; fear, anguish whining mood, praying and complaining of impious thoughts that crowd upon one ; pale face ; great listlessness.




  1. aurum est un remède d’ hypertrophie du cœur gauche …un remède d’hypertension…de dépression… DONC un sujet hypertendu et dépressif .. il n’est pas adapté à un sujet maigre.. c’est phosphorus !!

  2. I think one of the depression relieving medicine Natrum Mur is missing here.

  3. If u have a great desire to commit suicide,nothing is needful for u in the world ,night aggravation ,shifting pain ,cold diathesis

  4. I have used this for more than 20 years with Hyoscyamus Niger for anxiety and it works better than any pill anyone every had me try. Much better…

  5. That is irresponsible of you to recommend. She could easily aggravate on a 1M and who will follow the case? No, Hahnnemann says to treat the whole person not just symptoms. Stop doing this! It gives us practitioners and the whole profession a bad name.

  6. You can go to the CHC website for a Certified Classical Homeopath listed in your area. Skin conditions need a practitioner not home treatment.

  7. Aurum met best remedy for depression desire to commit suicide and hypertrophy high blood pressure/destruction of bone like secondary syphilis

  8. Can any one tell me the treatment of osteoarthritis in homeo if it is possible tell me

  9. Can someone suggest me so good remedy for allergic my hands become red and my eye lids also become red and its itching all over the body


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