Dentition is a purely physiological process and should run a normal, uneventful course. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there is no doubt that many infants are unnaturally peevish and uncomfortable and have derangements of digestion when they are teething.
The child is peevish, irritable, feverish, with swollen, irritated gums, some diarrhea and vomiting and evidently in marked pain,
Here we discuss some REMEDY RESONANCE for this particularly difficult time for the child.

Aconitum — Heat, redness, pain, swollen gums, and restlessness. Aconite, is often invaluable during dentition.

Chamomilla — This remedy may follow Aconinte, for dry cough; short breathing; and fretfulness ; flushed cheek ; loose, green or frothy stools. A sovereign remedy in many of the ailments of dentition.

Coffea — Excitability, sleeplessness, restlessness, and frequent changes. It is especially indicated in the absence of fever.

Belladonna — There is restless sleep. The child bores his head into the pillow. The head is drawn backward and he rolls it from side to side. There is pain in the ears and the child cries out in sleep. The mouth is dry ; there is vomiting and diarrhœa. The bowel movement is thin and green, and there is pain in the abdomen.

Calcarea phos — Slow or late dentition, especially in scrofulous children subject to loose bowels, with loss of flesh and strength.

Silicea — Similar symptoms to those of Calcarea especially when the teeth, though on the point of coming through, are still tardy. Silicea generally obviates the necessity of lancing the gums. Silicea is valuable in rickety children.

Mercurius., Kreosotum., Ipecac, Nux vomica, are some more remedies that can be indicated.

  • Srikanta Kumbhakar

    Best remedy of calc phos &chamomilla for dentition…

  • Claudia Aguilera

    . Francisco Quintero

  • Nirmal Tanwar

    Helpful for little babies

  • Harbans Dhawan

    Baby wants to be carried all the time. If the child cries without reason, or parents can’t find the cause of crying, give him chamomile. He will be better.

  • Sai Prasad Mishra

    Try phosphorus. If fails consult a homoeopath.

  • Cecilia Natalia Díaz Aguilar

    Le sienta rebien todo eso a la nena mas su tratamiento. Besitos.

  • Helga Brink

    I hear you Robin, as a Classical Homeopath for Animals I do agree with you, but there is occassions when you can just prescribe a certain remedy for a certain illness. People always want a direct cure, which homeopathy sometimes doesn’t provide as you have to find that one exact remedy and sometimes you are wrong, so you have to choose another one. People usually don’t have the patience for that. But these are the people who don’t believe in homeopathy that much anyways in the first place. I NEVER ever try to convince anybody.

  • Tiffany Russell

    Yes, Hyland’s may not work for all. But when trying to show someone who knows nothing about homeopathy how helpful homeopathy can be, it is easier to cast a briader net and try something easy rather than complicate it. Someone who knows nothing about homeopathy is unlikely to hire a doctor.

  • Robin Faith

    You need to see a professional Homeopath to take the case for you. The Council For Homeopathic Certification site (CHC) has a list of Certified Classical Homeopaths and is international so you should eb able to find one in your area. Good luck!

  • Monica Gabriela

    La chamomilla es lo mejor y tmb el arnica ☺️????

  • Robin Faith

    Only of the symptom picture fits. I get annoyed with these commnets as they further the notion that Homeopathy is not a true medicine. Let’s remember people see these posts and it looks less credible when we say this kind of thing.

  • Robin Faith

    Highland’s are wondrful but don’t always work for all. I prefer tohave client’s call me to help find a single remedy for babies. For instance a client’s baby was helped by Cham. 30c but after being around the baby and getting a broader picture Puls. is even better for him.

  • Natasha Pruitt

    Lara Gray Baumann I use Punkin Butt Teething Oil

  • Cecilia Natalia Díaz Aguilar

    Monica Gabriela y Eliud Meza

  • Lara Gray Baumann

    Natasha this would be helpful for your little guy

  • Jackie-Ben Bahun

    Hannah Jones 🙂

  • Profshahazmatali Shah

    My memorable cure in dentation babies , prescribe Chamomilla in alternation with an interval of 4 to 6 hours prescribe Symphytum ,for best and quick results in teething cases .

  • Sandra Acajabón

    I thing the most comun remedy is chamomilla…calc. is good when the teething is slow..

  • Debadatta Mishra

    Can you suggest any remedy for- one point burning sensation along the spine and exactly just below the neck and in between the two blades of the shoulders?

  • Helga Brink

    Chamomilla is the best remedy for teething. Works awesome for colicky babies too!

  • Tiffany Russell

    Justin Whitepine, here is a list of remedies for teething but Hyland’s Teething pills would be easiest but perhaps this article gives you more info 🙂