Datura metel - Homeopathy

Datura metel tincture made of the seeds.
A state of sleepiness could be absent in this case, delirium with talkative attitude, loquacity, excessive shyness.
tries to reach real things or imaginary. Mischievous. Several movements appear due to altered sight and incapacity to measure distances. After delirious,
the patient does not remember anything.
Pupils dilated, sparks before eyes with sensibility to light. Pulse and temperature suffer exaltation and depression.

Datura. metel causes a soporose condition, and later delirium and spasms. The soporose state may be absent. Delirium may be vociferous, or merely garrulous. Patient usually manifests excessive timidity. Picks at real or imaginary objects. Performs ridiculous antics. Several movements appear due to perverted vision, and inability to judge distances. After the delirium, patient remembers nothing of what has occurred. Extreme dilatation of pupils. Flickering before eyes with sensitiveness to light. Pulse and temperature undergo extremes of exaltation and depression.

Reference: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica. J. H. Clarke




  1. You will need to consult a Homeopath. he will prescribe the right remedy based on the symptoms. Thank you for following this page.

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