Daphne odora

Daphne indica was proved by G. Bute. It is like its relative D. mezereon in producing affections of muscles, bones, and skin, hence its relation to syphilis and the anti-syphilitic remedies Aur., Merc., Staph.

Its pains are erratic and electric-like. It is like Jambos in the craving for tobacco. The skin is clammy. Red rash in spots on legs in evening. Itching. Daphne oleoides is credited by Hering with relieving leprosy. A peculiar symptom of Daphne is─tongue coated on one side only (Rhus has the same, only the Rhus coating is specified as white).

Other symptoms are:
Foul-smelling tongue.
Ptyalism with hot saliva.
Cold feeling on buttocks.
Sudden stitch in region of spleen.
Fetidity is a marked feature-breath, urine, sweat.
The pains are apt to be sudden.
They wander suddenly from extremities.
Ball of right great toe swollen and very painful; the pain suddenly shoots into the body to region of heart, or some other part of body to abdomen. It is probable that a sensation of parts of the body being separated from one another is characteristic of Daphne.

The symptoms of sensation as if the head were separated appeared in the proving (see 20); and Erastus E. Case has recorded the cure of a man, 45, obese, rheumatic, who presented these symptoms: “Swaying sensation in the head when walking. Constant sensation as if the head were separated from the body. Sensation as if the vertex were screwed up in a vice. While driving a horse, sensation as if the arias were detached from the body, yet they are under complete control of the will.” The gastric symptoms are




  1. tongue is half coated…….Rhus tox also has such tongue……whereas we only know triangular red tiped tongue of rhus t


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