Used in South america by native hunters to paralyse their
victims, acts on the periferia of motor nerves producing
paralysis of motion without any disturbance of sensation.
When taken internally it causes violent symptoms, sudden vertigo
associated with great weakness of legs, vomiting bile, etc.
Curare has a feeling of powerlessness with incapacity to act on the
enviroment. It is a living person in a dead body.
Louis Klein wrote, curare feels abused by others and in turn is
abusive with them so can be used in mistreated children and women
living in an abusive, tyranical, drunk, jealous partner.
His condition of victim will develop resentment and frustration
towar the word around him and cause curare to be violent, to
others, to himself, to the world. Can become cruel, desire to kill
misanthropy, want of moral feeling, striking (in children),
There is vertigo when looking at moving objects, ther is lot of
paralysis, Faintness, catalepsy, muscular dystrophy, myasthemia gravis,
poliomyelitis, paralisis of the uppereyelids, especially right
Artist famous modality “WHILE PLAYING THE PIANO”
Even with paralysis curare has the sensation of something alive in the
abdomen, Fetid discharges, face paralysis of muscles of expression
dry mouth, thirst and great hunger with fever. thirst esp. evening.
craves acids, aversion to bread>after first mouthfull of food.
Chill after eating, hccough frequent and annoying.
Different noises of whistling, of animals, ringing in right ear.

It is suited to scrofulous children; producing scrofulous eruptions
on skin, eczema, especially of face and behind ears; also liver-spots,
yellow-brown. It favours the formation of corns. Debility short
of paralysis indicates it; debility of the aged, and nervous debility
from loss of fluids. Its relation to hydrophobia and tetanus is
probably antipathic. It causes a sensation as if the brain were
full of fluid. Piercing,
lancinating pains. Throbbing pains. Weakness; heaviness; numbness;
numbness with tingling. < By movement; walking; ascending. < Dampness, cold air, cold weather, cold wind, change of weather. < 2 a.m. and 2-3 p.m. Many symptoms appear on right side. Relations.├óÔÇØÔé¼In cases of poisoning artificial respiration must be resorted to. Bromine and Chlorine antidote its effects. If the poisoning is due to a punctured wound, rubbing in tobacco or salt will neutralise it. It is an antidote to: Strychnia and to the poison of rabies. Compatible: After Arn. (paralysis from injury) after Bell. ( paralysis after epistaxis). Follows well in debility of the aged: John Henry Clarke Materia M├â┬®dica. Beatrizhh




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