Dr. Tyler

“For the cough that may be left by Influenza which should yield to BRYONIA, but may fail to do so: Try AMMONIUM CARB.”

  • Poonam Reddy

    My weight 65..I have hormone in balance. And so much hair fall.and irregular period.age 27

  • Poonam Reddy

    How to use flax seeds

  • Kyu M Zafar

    phytoleca berry Ntab

  • Anas Noor

    Poonam use flax seeds. Homeopathic remedy can be prescribed after symptoms detail.

  • Anas Noor

    Bromium is good for dry cough along with Drosera.

  • Poonam Reddy

    I want to weight loss. Plz tell me

  • DrEjaz Hussain Mughal

    Yerba Santa also

  • Norma Bingley

    I need some anyone got any

  • Mairpady Nagarathna

    If dosage also mentioned thn it would be ideal for people like us who like to take homeo instead of elopathy which might hv side effects.

  • Mitch Maddz Clavero

    Is it an over the counter med doc? Bcoz here in the philippines we cant buy med withou prescription. Cn i ask doc wat med cn u possibly recommend in cough with asthma? Ur assistance is highly appreciated

  • Jaime S. Buenviaje

    cough is not a disease but a symptom or sign only. it arise from irritation of air passage due to disease of the lungs or from cold or any causes. it is not ..dangerous and easy to cute

  • Lalita Jain

    Y do u post only the name…plzzz describe the correct dose for children n adults

  • Shrikrishna Gangwar

    Dosage potencyetc should be given

  • Kavita Singh Dutta

    Dry cough-Antim tart

  • Shrikrishna Gangwar

    So useful.thanks
    Pl provide such tips

  • Zambri Ahmad

    Bronia or droserra…

  • Sharafat Shahbaz

    I love homeo

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    thank you. my problem is same as of now

  • Sankar Debnath

    Na janai sudhu tomar post bole like dilam

  • Ahmed Huang

    Ok sir !

  • Ashok Kumar Rath

    Winter cough often relieved by amm. Carb