Cough, like hoarseness, is rather a symptom than a condition in itself. It is a reflex mechanism of our body to indicate a condition that should not be neglected. A cough is not just a cough. Homeopathy recognises that each cough is different and remedies are specific to a particular type of cough. Here we discuss Remedy Resonance of remedies for cough. A homeopath will be able to identify the right remedy based on your similimum.

Aconitum napellus — A dry, hard, cough, accompanied with inflammatory symptoms — flushed face, headache, thirst, scanty urine, confined bowels, restlessness, etc.

Ipecacuanha — Irritating, nervous, and spasmodic coughs, attended or followed by vomiting. The chest is oppressed by the accumulation of mucus in the air vessels, rendering breathing difficult, almost to suffocation.

Belladonna — Short, dry, hollow, convulsive cough, generally worse at night, in bed, excited by a sensation of tickling in the throat, and accompanied by a flushed face and headache.

Dulcamara — Loose , cough from getting wet, with much phlegm and oppression at the chest.

Bryonia — A hard, dry cough, attended with pain in the side, chest, and head ; cough aggravated by passing from warm air to cold, or vice versa ; loose cough, with white or yellow expectoration, sometimes streaked with blood.

Hepar sulphuris — Irritating cough, with hoarseness and smarting in the throat, excited or aggravated by cold to the surface of the body, or exposure to atmospheric changes.

Phosphorus — Dry cough, excited by tickling in the throat ; hoarseness, and pains or soreness in the chest, with rusty-colored, bloody, or purulent expectoration.

Chamomilla — Coughs of children during teething, with wheezing breathing, fretfulness, etc.

Carbo vegetabilis — Cough on taking the least cold ; obstinate hoarseness or loss of voice.

Kali bichromicum — Cough, with gray or yellow expectoration, preceded by great wheezing, accompanied with difficult breathing, and followed by dizziness.

Sulphur — Obstinate dry cough, with tightness in the chest, and retching; loose cough, with expectoration of whitish or yellowish mucus during the day, and dry cough at night, attended with headache, spitting of blood, etc.