The common cold is a mild self-limiting illness and antibiotics are not needed because they will make little difference to symptoms and may have side-effects – eg, diarrhoea, vomiting and rash.

Homeopathic remedies help you bounce back to good health. We discuss some remedy resonance for Colds. Your homeopath will arrive at the right remedy based on your similimum.

Allium Cepa — With the coryza there is cough and hoarseness, constant sneezing with profuse watery, acrid discharge from nose; bland but profuse lachrymation, smarting and burning in eyes. Coryza seems worse in warm room.

Arsenicum — When there is, with the coryza a burning heat in nose with watery discharge; patient feels weak and inclined to be thirsty, with general indications for Arsenicum as in influenza.

Belladonna — When there is slight discharge, the nose seeming obstructed; parts feel dry even into the throat, with head throbbing, eyes sensitive to light, throat dry and sore.

Chamomilla — In children, considerable heat in head, one cheek, red, the other pale, very fretful and only pleased or quiet when being carried. Worse at night.

Dulcamara — Sudden changes in weather from hot to cold.

Gelsemium — When with the cold there is a general lassitude, chilliness, with dull headache and drowsiness ; the eyelids seem heavy and eyeballs lame and sore with some sneezing and discharge from nose and eyes.

Euphrasia — Profuse, watery, acrid tears which incline to excoriate the lids and face, eyes inflamed, red, lids agglutinated, with discharges, photophobia worse from lamplight, profuse, bland fluent discharge from the nose with sneezing, worse at night and lying down. The discharge from the eyes in Allium cepa being bland while in Euphrasia it is acrid and poisonous; the reverse being true of the discharge from the nose. Hoarseness with tickling cough.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum. — In addition to the coryza symptoms sneezing and headache, there may be “aching in the bones,” backache, chilliness and nausea, assuming more violent symptoms of influenza.

Mercurius solubilis— Eyes and nose symptoms similar to Ars., only less severe and always worse at night, throat sore with much saliva, considerable lameness in muscles and aching in bones, profuse perspiration.

Rhus Toxicodendron — Colds following getting wet or from going in water with aching and lameness over the body, especially hack and eyeballs.




  1. But after summer session when damp ground need Dulcamara
    Other option and other medicines

  2. I take kali bich whend I feel am getting a cold/cough. Works always . Belladonna is news to me. Will read up

  3. Homeopathy इनफार्मेशन देते रहा करिये

  4. बिसवाजीत सेनगुप्ता जी, क्या आप हिन्दी समझते हैं ?

  5. बिसवाजीत सेनगुप्ता जी, क्या आप

  6. Nothing spl in homeopathy i m suffering with cyst in left cheek but cant find any relief from last 3-4yrs

  7. Hi I am suffering 4m constant cold since 3 to 4 years.. n 4 controlling it I took montemac lc kindly.suggest me some best medicines which diminish my cold evee

  8. I have cough prblm with rattling in chest tongue coatedly white i took ant.c 200 with 50% relief but i want permanant cure suggest sme remedy for me

  9. Hello Lalita Jain check this remedy HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS Q 10 drops once a day for a 2 weeks and berberis vulgaris 200C 7 – 10 drops for two weeks before bed time.

  10. Homeopathy will help when the imbalance is already there, but proper nutrition will keep the body healthy so that the vital force that maintains that balance, has what it needs to do so. Without the right “tools”, it cannot work! And homeopathy will only partially help if the problem is basically a vitamin or mineral deficiency. I live in the south of France where there is sunwall the time and even in the summer, people measure as vitamin D deficient.

  11. ٹھنڈ کے موسم کیلئے
    ضرورى اور اهم
    دوائیں ھیں،،

  12. For renal calculi Berb Vul. N for coriza cold Antim Tart with Allium cipa.Good night

  13. Totally बकवास हैं। Not proper methods. Homoeopathy इसी से बदनाम होती हैं।

  14. Hlo sir,u mean one drop of berberis vulgaris 200 once in a week??
    He is on allopathic medicine from the birth because of his urine incontinence….. Can he start homeopathy with that…..
    How long should I continue berberis vulgaris 200
    Pls reply sir

  15. Anju Khare please read my post above, homeopathy is having fundamental difference to the general thinking conditioned by allopathists…the posts here are misleading…I mean they should add the disclaimers…..

  16. there are many more and all are individual based, not to be used by all who reads these posts

  17. Please share medicine for the prevention of bladder stone formation n the correct dose for a 7 yr boy

  18. COUGH – SEASONS – winter; in
    Coc-c. Kreos. Nit-ac. Psor. Rumx. Stann. Syph.

  19. Completely agree with the indicative symptoms of dulcamara n belladonna..


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