Corallium rubrum
Corallium rubrum

Red coral, the product of a coralligene zoophyte, contains carbonate of lime, oxide of iron (whence its colour), gelatin, and other elements. In old physic it was considered to have “strengthening properties,” and to be astringent, sudorific, diuretic, and absorbent.

In homœopathic practice Corallium corresponds to a combination of syphilis and psora. Is suited to persons of nervous temperament; nervous coughs.

It causes eruptions which are for the most part of its own colour, coral-red. Red spots on the palms of the hands, at first coral colour, then darker, and finally coppery. The chancres to which it corresponds are coral-red. The cough is of the whooping-cough type; smothering sensation before, and great exhaustion after cough.

Cough in “minute-gun” paroxysms. Crowing inspiration; sensation as if inspired air was icy cold. There is much drowsiness with Coral., and many symptoms appear during sleep.

J. N. Lowe cured with Coral. an infant, almost a year old, suffering from laryngismus stridulus, the indications being
Sensation, as if the head were increased in size (three times its size).

Pressure, as from sand, in the reddened eyes (evening).─Sensation of compression in the orbit.─Pain, as from excoriation in the eyes, on moving the balls or the eyelids.─Sensation of heat in the eyes, on closing the lids, with a sensation as if they were swimming in tears.─Sensation of burning in the eyes, by candle-light.

Semi-lateral swelling of the nose, with heat, pulsation and sleeplessness.─Painful ulcer in the nostril (on the inside of the r. wing, with the sensation as if the nasal bones were pressed asunder).─Epistaxis, sometimes at night.─Bleeding of the nose, from one nostril at a time (at night).─Great dryness of the nose.─Fluent coryza, with excessive secretion of an inodorous mucus, resembling tallow.─Profuse secretion of mucus through the posterior nares, obliging one to hawk frequently.

Heat in the face, by artificial heat.

Red and smooth spots on the skin.─Smooth spots on the palms of the hands and fingers, first of a coral colour, then dark-red, and lastly copper-coloured.─Measles; purpura; psoriasis.

Yawning, violent, frequent and in rapid succession, with pain in the articulation of the jaw.─Great sleepiness; falls asleep while standing.─As soon as she falls asleep she starts up, on account of frightful dreams.─Cannot sleep before midnight tosses about; if he uncovers himself, he feels too cold, and when covered, he feels too hot.

Pulse full and hard.─Chill; the skin is of the ordinary temperature, with headache and violent thirst; > by external heat.─Febrile shivering, with burning thirst, and pains in the forehead.─Dry heat, internally and externally, with full and hard pulse.─Dry heat without thirst, and not followed by perspiration.─The hot parts feel cold when uncovered.

Reference: The dictionary of Practical Materia Medica: J. H. Clarke




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