Constitutional Classics

” N n n n no ! I am so nervous I c c c can’t c c c control myself!”

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Kate Thomas
A certified classically trained homeopath working online with Skype video consultations as well as locally in the Cardigan area of west Wales. She has years of experience treating a wide range of physical ailments. A large proportion of her practice involves helping people with emotional disturbances such as anxiety, depression, grief, phobias, low self confidence and anger issues as well as supporting those who are overcoming addictions.
  • Margaret Davies

    Isn’t silica indicated when there is a fear of needles?

  • Elsje Winnubst

    Chamomila? Aconite is pretty vocal too!!

  • Olivia Rosema

    Ha ha that’s me, I will run like hell if they came near me with a needle!

  • Bruce Ledger

    Are they vaccinating old ladies now?

  • Karen Green

    Aurum muriaticum for white coat syndrome

  • Manoranjan Kumar

    Why pls give region