CC 20151110

“Whenever I have my period, I feel constantly enveloped by this dark gloominess. I get terrified that I am going mad.”
Don’t forget to observe the image for extra clues.




  1. I have a question. if we see remedy contitutional for this remedy after see look of this picture. In our mind Actea come first. But if see the symptoms. CIMICIFUGA is remedy. Then how we choose the remedy. Plz give a reference from organan. Because it is problem that we face in our daily practice. On which basis we choose contitutional remedy, on the basis of symptoms or on the basis of medical etiology ?

  2. The answer is CIMICIFUGA
    According to Kent, ‘the cause… of the pathological state is an underlying lack of will balance which leads to loss of emotional (and physical) control. Nervous, irrational and erratic behaviour is the result. Hysterical states in women especially during menses, pregnancy, during and after labor and the menopause reflects the remedy’s focus upon the female generative organs. The polarity state is deep depression ‘as if a black cloud has settled all over her which weighs like a lead weight upon the head’. Tying in with the theme of loss of control one also sees marked mood swings and changeable symptoms
    It appears that central to the remedy state of Cimic there is a conflict between attachment and detachment (Muller, Hiwat ). Cimic has the feeling of being strongly tied to people (family, children, partner) and experiences a conflict between needing to be connected and to cling from one side and the desire to be released, to break free on the other. This conflict is expressed in a number of unique delusions of being caught up, bound and confined which are central to the remedy picture (“Del: encaged in wires, is caught in wires).

  3. Uh der er skønt at være kvinde!PMS er mange ting. Nogen bliver vrede andre bliver grådlabile nogen jealoux og hvor hun er deprimeret og har en følelse af at være inde i en mørk sky.


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