cHomeopathy for constipation

NATRUM MURIATICUM effects a radical cure of Constipation when many boasted and popular remedies fail. It is a regulator of water in the system and if moisture be drawn from rectum, loss of function results and produces constipation.
Dr. Heselton

  • Sonia Roy

    I gave it to a 50 year old wonan that for as long as she could remember only had a bowel movement once a week. A few weeks later she reported she was going every day. Just one dose of 30C. Homeopathy is awesome.

  • Kristen Schutz Santangelo

    Agreed, Seen it work numerous times in constipation!

  • HomeStratosphere

    Who else thinks Decorating is cool

  • Winston Chirambo

    Nux -V. helps