Family: Apocynaceae & Asclepiadaceae
Taxon: Marsdenia cundurango Rchb. F
Synonyms: Marsdenia reichenbachii, Gonolobus condurango, Echites acuminata
Common names: bejuco de condor, bejuco de sapo, condor plant, common condorvine, condurango, condurango blanco, eagle vine, tucacsillu

Stimulates the digestive functions and thus improves the general health. Allays the pain in Gastralgia accompanying cancer of the stomach. Condurango modifies the secretions of the digestive glands. It also helps in Varicose ulcers and Lupus.

Painful cracks in the corer of the mouth is a guiding symptom. Chronic gastic catarrh, syphillis and Cancer. Tumors and strictures of the Oesophagus.
The active principle of Condurango produces locomotor ataxia.

A cough that is Dry, almost continous, hacking and gets worse in the evenings. Cough caused by a dry spot in the larynx, when lying down, when talking or laughing. Want of breath on taking the least exercise.
Dorsal pain between the shoulders. COccyodynia. A dull ache in the lumbar and the Sacral regions.
Muscular weakness especially of the lower extermities. Perspitration of hands. Wants to relieve pain in the feet by putting it up on a chair.
Yellow fingernails. Glands enlarged.




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