Comparing homeopathic remedies Causticum & Pulsatilla

An infographic comparing the symptoms of two homeopathic remedies CAUSTICUM & PULSATILLA.

  • HarishSinghal

    Pulsatilla for ?

  • HarishSinghal

    Is there any treatment for bells palsy

  • Kindly elucidate the symptoms.

  • Ruta 30, 5 pills three times a day.

  • Calc Florr 12X, 5 tabs four times a day .

  • Nabilaa Tahir

    Is there any treatment for duperteryn problem ? Do inform if there are any medicines in homeopathic for this problem .

  • Jyoti Redekar

    Please give a remedy for 3rd degree piles..,it also becomes fishure. During symptom,the mass is still present..,bleeding,severe pain while passing of stool.Whenever I taken nonveg or spicy or coffee it appears violently.. Please suggest a remedy to shrink it

  • Monika Mehrishi

    Treatment for ganglia on wrist

  • Jrarun Kumar

    Is there any treatment for bells palsy

    • Yes, Homeopathy offers treatments for Bell’s Palsy. A consultation with your homeopath is necessary.

  • Anju Gupta

    medicine for dibetes

  • Jeki Oza

    Sir Pulsatilla :April day mood. ..Pls let me know the meaning