Comparative Study of Remedies

Comparative study of two remedies: SULPHUR and APIS

Comparing two Homeopathic remedies Sulphur and Apis.

  • Arshed Malik

    Thnx for sharing.

  • Ashis Paul

    Apis uses as allergy. Insect bite & urenary infection

  • Madhavi Krishna

    APIS useful used for mosquito bites and urinary infection.

  • Stephanie Wrobel

    Just used apis to heal my daughter’s sore throat!!

  • Basudeva Panda

    Sulphur is an dipanti psoric drug, heñce it has been renamed as KING OF PSORA; where as Apis Mel is an ABPSORIC drug.

  • Hemant Parakh

    anything in Numbers?

  • Malik Abdul

    What medicine for ansl fistula.