Comparative study of Arsenicum and Causticum

Comparing two Homeopathic remedies Arsenicum album and Causticum

  • Naresh Gupta

    There is no study in detail

  • Abeeha Ali

    Arsenic Album is very effective in obsessive compulsive disorder, mania and anxiety ..

  • Monir Zaman

    There is no doubt of its action in human body if one goes to the right one.

  • Prem Singh

    Yes homoeopathic medicine really work.

  • Cheangku Jasinghkol Marak

    No I am not insulting Homoeopathy.. I am Homoeopathic student.. I tried lots of medicine on me but it never work for me.. I am really confused… if you have some idea please help me..

  • Harish Arora

    Asking this seems crazy….

  • Cheangku Jasinghkol Marak

    Does Homoeopathic medicine really work?

  • Aung Maung