Apis Cantharis

A comparative study of homeopathic remedies Apis and Cantharis.

  • Joanna Lin

    There is more that we can bring out for these smaller remedies though, still much about the full picture that we may not be aware of

  • Joanna Lin

    Both turned out to be insect family!

  • Farah Shah

    Burning stmock.Burning feet.burning urin.canthairs works good

  • Melissa Godfrey

    Joanna I thought I was on Apis after your proving, it’s weird how it’s quite the opposite of Cantharis!

  • Devarajan Chandrashekhara Nair

    Ali’s Mel lnternal burning send. n Cantharis works good for external burning

  • Sylvana Saade

    Cantharis worked great on my burn ~