COLOCYTHIS has been found useful as a palliative of the pain of Glaucoma and Iritis. The pain extending into the head better from pressure.
Dr. H. C. Allen

  • Elsje Winnubst

    Indispensable remedy!!! I have used it many times for any pains…especially abdominal, where the patient gets relief from being bent double.

  • Shahjahan Ali Mondal

    For left sided sciatica, Colocynth is a royal remedy. Its action on nerves causes neuralgia, sciatica and lumbago.

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    Never heard of so

  • Rakhi Triyar

    Sciatica pain ,cramping pain in the hip, colic,Dysentry

  • Lucie Marris

    Was the best remedy, for my daughter when she was a baby, for colic

  • Chammika Fermamdo

    It help for acute abdominal pain with restlesness