Ferrum phos

FERRUM PHOS 12X popped in quickly at the first sign of a cold and then repeated for 3 or 4 doses every 10 minutes will often abort it.

Dr. Blakey



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  1. Please don’t stop colds immediately. A simple uncomplicated cold is quite beneficial for the body… and should be left alone for the vital force to do what it needs to.
    In the event that it occurs too frequently or becomes chronic and complicated, then homeopathy comes to the rescue

  2. Es Natrum Muriaticum 30c,,, NO “NAT ASESINATO”,, “NO, NAT MURDER”,,,error al escribir

  3. With ferrum phos ,mag phos12x can be apply together. The result is so relaxing.from my 8years experience.

  4. fer phos temp infèrieur à 39 ° aconit plus de 39° comme belladona ( rougeur chaleur …) ou apis mel ..;


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