Characteristic peculiarities

The symptoms and pains, especially in the head, are aggravated by drinking, eating, sleeping, or talking, by smoking, and coffee.

The symptoms, especially the headache, are extremely aggravated by cold air.

  • manoj srivastava

    i m suffering from depression since last 8 yr mind becoming very week vometing in early morning insomnia im taking sleeping pills but it not working i m in great problem plz send suggestions

  • Hemant Metkar

    Do u have remedy for deafness ? ie,to rebuild neurotransmitters in chochlea.

  • Claudine Tsintzira

    Ma fille souffrant de terrbles migraines a reçu pour la premiere fois depuis 20 ans cocculus et cela fait beaucoup d effets

  • Hannah Smith

    I ALWAYS have this in my purse. My daughter gets really bad car sickness. Works every time