Kakaman (hindi), fish berry (as a fishing bite), levant nut.
Ligtang, aria, bayati, (Philippines, East India, Malaysia, New Guinea.
The anti-lice (pediculicide) remedy and effective treating
ring worm,and the remedy is made out of the dries seedS.
Cocculus has been used as a poison to make fish torpid and be
easily cought. Producing gret alteration of the senses in humans,
used to adulterate beer to level it intoxicating properties.
One of its key notes is a sensation of emptyness, holow in the head
and other parts. another is the sensation of opening and closing of
the occipuce. Vertigo, nausea, and vomiting that will relate it with
seasickness or
…MOTION SICKNESS, < after riding, car, carriage, plane. Or as a profilactic, preventing it. Hysterical hemiplegia, choleric hemiphlegia, epileptic hemiphlegia, may likewise be usefully treated with Cocculus. Hysterical paralisis. Onanism. Chorea, hemiplegia arising from cold, paralysis of the sphinter vesical. Chlorosis, where menses disappear for months. Cocculus corresponds to the sensible state caused by loss of sleep, or staying up all night (like when taking care of patients at night or long periods of taking care at night of relatives in their last days of agony) Very sensible to noise and touch, and has liver inflamation after being upset. and irritable weakness of stress. Very touchy, fears ghosts and espectros, Worries, sad reflexions, and melancholic, as if the patient suffers his errors, but not aware of it, loss of will, to take any action, desperate, Strong anxious apprehencive, excessive susceptibility, disposition to be negative, and take the bad side. Erratic sense of time, and feels time is too fast. Cocculus for sweet, shy and indolent temper, shy, crying and nervous. Beatrizhh




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